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User Review

2ohmsn 2ohms and a half so - Reviews Behringer iNuke NU3000DSP

Buy there have less than two months, we have not hesitated to meter to the test, as is often at ALT-MEDIA.

So far worked mainly with pure class A amps, good big beef over 28Kg in general.

When we received the delivery, the first reaction have been "thin! he has not put the amp in the box! "and once opened, bha if it is there, tiny little lightweight ... it's nice to be able worn more than one amp at a time.
Already exploring the amp menu, ARG as the DCX-2496, Behringer can not do the intuitive menu and easy to use. Fortunately a little app to DL on their site is much more complete and easy to use.

So there was the question put to the test, went sub 4 into 4 ohms, then load in the ass amp 2ohms and it is part. The sound is clean, okay, now we inch, 'CLIP' the amp lit red .... Problem
We start again, ditto ... GRRRRR
Good as two sub has 4ohms load amps, stuffed full by a problem ...
Good test with broadband load ass 2ohms we go again, no 'CLIP'

This amp is discriminating on the "low frequency?"

In terms of price and weight is a pretty good product, even if against Behringer Announces Support for 2ohms, I would say this is the pipe, stay 4ohms it's safer.