I have a Camco DL3000 2P which is producing very low power output. As a test, I connected a QSC PL 1.4 (350W per channel) and my Camco DL3000 2P (1100w per channel) each to a Dynacord F12 CWH mid-hi cabinet (8 ohm), with the same input signal. On full power on the amps, the speaker powered by the QSC PL 1.4 is about 18 dB/3 times (rough guess) louder than the speaker powered by the Camco DL3000 2P.

My conclusion - the output of the QSC PL 1.4 is normal and the output of the Camco DL3000 2P is way way lower than it should be.

Any suggestions as to the source of the problem would be appreciated. Many thanks