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User Review

Its a monster - Reviews Peavey PV 1500

The PV 1500 is dual channel power amp that is old. I remember using this back in like 2003. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still sold in some stores though. It worked like a charm and did exactly what it was needed to do. Everything about this unit is built to last you a long time. Its heavy but not too heavy and the casters can handle it when you rack it up with the rest of your equipment. Another good thing about the PV 1500 is it can be used in a dark setting or at night because the interface led’s light up good and it kind of provides some navigation when you need it if you are semi familiar with the layout of it you will be able to use the LED lights to your advantage.
There are 3 fans I think that provide cooling to the PV 1500 because it can get very hot, and very fast. Its kind of like a computer but way worse. I cant remember the exact price that I paid for the 1500 years ago but I can remember it wasn’t that much. It was probably a standard price for an amp back in 2000 or so.

I am very happy to say that I have used this amp, I do not currently still own it I have moved on to many other amps since this one. But this one will forever be one of my favorite ones just because it worked great didn’t cause any problems and I have dropped it 10 plus times and it did no damage to it. The PV 1500 is monster and will continue to work for you. The question is are they still being produced? Or have the just discontinued and replaced it with another model?