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User Review

great amp - Reviews Peavey PV 1500

Peavey makes some good amps, and the Peavey PV 1500 is no exception. Also, there is no question that this is a clean sounding and powerful unit. The problem is the cooling system. It may keep the amp cool, but it is a 2 speed system, and it is very noisy. We have one of these at our church, and it makes more noise while idling than our other 4 amps combined (3 QSC 1200s and 1 Peavey GPS 1500). Bad enough, but when the fan ramps up to high gear, it can be heard throughout the church. We've even had the fan isolated from the casing, and the noise is still too much. I will be returning this amp and trying to find something else that makes less noise, like an airplane engine.

The PV 1500 has 2 channels and 500W RMS. Its only weighs right around 40 pounds or so. Give or take a few pounds, but that makes it portable. 1 person can get this in and out of the car for your gigs or events that you need it for. It is very reliable and has a lot of features that you will love.

The built in 150hz sub woofer crossover with TRS output was something that I was looking for in a affordable amp, and I found it with the peavey pv 1500.

Overall, The Pv-1500 has great power, awesome sound and its built like a tank! If this amp is half as reliable as the other Peavey amps/equipment that i have than i will be a happy camper. I have used Peavey equipment for 6 years and they have never failed me once. The PV-1500 has a 5 year warranty also, the best warranty out there. Do yourself a favor and buy this amp you will love it. I am happy to say that I purchased this and dont regret it at all.