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User Review

djmotion's review - Peavey PV-2600

I use it for 5 years.
First use broadband, I then used to amplify mode bridjet a subwoofer behringer 1600X Pro.
This is a good amp with a sound very correct (lacks a bit of fishing for my taste).
Powerful, robust and indestructible, it has a built-cut crossover to 150Hz (ideal frequency for many system speaker / subwoofer) offering solutions for bi-amplification without additional amplifiers but also to attack external amplifiers for large installations .

Benefits from:
- Robust and powerful
- Hot little light loads speaker output.
- Integrated Active Filter
- Subsonic
- Fashion bridjet easy to implement (a dedicated output Speakon)
- Taking combo XLR / JACK
- Peak Limiter (non adjustable threshold ... shame ...)

Its minimum:
- Weight (22kg)
- The fan is noisy even in low speed mode
- The lack of XLR outputs of the active filter

Value for money:
Rather correct now 450 euros, it was less There's 5 years old (I paid 880euros balls but there were few amps in this power 2U).
If it again I would take it anyway because he has never done wrong even when good evening when the lights were lit clip from beginning to end.