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User Review

Yann-Loic's review - QSC RMX 1450

I have this amp for about 6 months but I know QSC much longer on other lines suprieures.

I bought ais "quick" and almost by accident one time when I needed a small amp for my complment PL224.

What I like about the brand gnrale, these are the famous Speakon 4 points up on the channel A and channel B bnficier on the same cable while keeping the "st ro ".
This allows in some cases Cables SAVE prints but it must then be able to choose which to use terminals on the speakers (as in HORTUS) or make boxes for crossing signals.
Filters and limiters are also other apprciable but in my case because I treat non feats before.

The quality report is correct because trs compared to the "high end" home Audiophony example, you have the same price for a better DEFINITIONS especially for the bass. In addition, it sells much better thanks to the reputable brand.

However, this rest of the class AB so for me too lightweight for the application SUB 15 or 18. "
But for doing the test, the AB sends a much better view of the H cit another brand before.

Also, reliability and quality ct manufacturing (for those who dja disassemble 1) even if it is all the same assembled in China is still a both significantly better.

All I regret is having t ill-advised and directed to the AudioPhony 10 years ago when I had the budget range for this amp.

His only other default would be the same in the same CATEGORY: weight

I advice all the same to Novie who want to go without breaking the bank too.

This is the kind of amp you can buy almost blindly on the market opportunity and thus a report bnficier qualitprix even better.

You can easily find 3 or 400 knowing that for that price, you do not at all the same quality as new and you certainly took Ms. trs longer without worry.

In addition, teams via QSC Sennheiser France are ultra Ractive must be addressed as to send you information. It's enjoyable and I could make a bad exprience hlas always wait for 3 years of news from home Hit music on an amplifier failure.

My rating is related to the sr price and this what it is intended.