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User Review

namx41's review - QSC RMX 850

I just finished installing a bar in Morocco loundge here's the config of the place:

1x Allen & Heat Xone Mix 62
1x Denon DN4500 CD
1x BSS FDS-334T MiniDrive
1x ECLER MPA 6-80
1x QSC RMX 850
4x sub HK Audio Premium PR: O 18X
Newtec 12x Cono Alto Audio (This is a brand to discover: HP ceiling with a spread of 360 ° sound is amazing how the sound is clear nickel!)

The QSC amp is really tough! While it is not light but we feel the quality!
Otherwise the amp feeds 4x sub HK Audio, then it turns into 2 Ohms. No overheating problem, it was hardly the amp hot even at high volume ... happiness!

Plus: It's really a solid amp that sounds good and whose reputation for QSC in this area is second to none!

Small problem: The fan of the amp starts to growl a bit and made a little noise but nothing too serious!