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User Review

For bigger spaces - Reviews Samson Technologies Servo 600

The Servo 600 is great for larger systems and speaker chains; you can even use it in the studio and not just for live applications. It has 1/4-inch and RCA input connectors; 1/4-inch and RCA input connectors and it can be racked. I used this a few times with a larger PA system we had for a huge outdoor event. I was very worried that our PA system would not be loud enough because the space was wide open. Even after purchasing this amp I didn’t feel it was going to give us the sound we really needed to run this charity event. But after the first 20 minutes of testing it out I knew that it would be at least decent enough and people would not notice. After the event actually started was when I noticed how great this amp is. It made the sound great outdoors and it sounded perfect. We were using a rather expensive PA system but we still needed power!
The power output on this amp was perfect for the set up we had and I am actually glad that I left this amp hooked up and didn’t switch it out. I didn’t think it was going to be powerful enough but it was. This amp gets very loud and “wide” and puts out very minimal distortion. In fact you cannot even really hear distortion at all unless you max the volume and stand right next to the speaker. This is perfect for larger venues or events and I highly recommend using it.
The price is very good for a unit that works this good, I have only used about 3 different Servo units in the past and I was not impressed with them at all. This one was very good though, Samsung really put some time and effort into creating this amp. I only use this amp at bigger venues which is not all the time for us but I will keep it just in case!