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User Review

yoTrakkz's review - Samson Technologies SX1800

The Samson Technologies SX Series Rack is a great stereo amplifier. It is very rugged and reliable and wont break on your or have any problems if it gets knocked around a bit. The Samson SX series includes five models. The all have great control capability and protection features, and the Samson Technologies Sx 1800 is designed for maximum power and efficiency, this powerful amplifier is an ideal sound for reinforcement situations. Commercial installations and for powering many different types of PA systems.

It has a bridgeable operation and dual temperatures. It is very compact with a efficient design, the 1800 and 2400 are almost exactly alike. They both have three output LED meters and controlled outputs. This rack has been designed to provide and put out clean output audio with low distortion and wide dynamic range along with the dependability demanded by professional audio engineers and the work from home musicians. This rack is for all of us on all different levels.

Overall it’s a great amp at this price you can beat it , its well worth the money spent to receive something of this quality. I use the amplifier to power the lows and have the amp hooked up for the four 12 inch sub woofers running 8 ohms per channel in stereo and pushing them to the full potential because of the Samson Technologies SX 1800, I now get no distortion and a very clean signal. I am thinking about upgrading too the SX 3200 version from Samson Technologies SX Series Rack because of the specs that it has. I am pretty sure that’s the highest version that they have created. But with the 1800 I was not disappointed by any means, the SX 1800 was the first version I have tried so im not sure about the 3200 version but I know that this one is great. I bought it used for right around 300 dollars, that is a steal. You can probably get them cheaper online today.