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Dynacord BS 412 (BS412)

By MGR/B-many, 19/10/2009
As a semi-proffessional I bought this amp in 1985 because at is powerfull and handy bass amp build in flightcase.
The amp before I use was a Fender bassman, but it was too difficult to transport it and I didn't like the sound: too boomy. I wanted an agressive sound with attck and lots of definition.

This amp was build in 1981.
It is 250 watts RMS, 350 Watts peak.
Very robust and compact amp for professional use.
You can say it was expensive.

This amp never disappointed me. I play almost for 30 years now, very different styles, from blues/jazz, punk/funk, afro/reggea.
It can handdle very low bass for reggea to the bright slapping funk.
Even at the highest volumes never heard distortion.
You don't see much this amp.
(limited production)

I've never used the distortion it's a useless thing.
The compressor can be better (noisy) but is usable.
It is very heavy.
I put wheels on it to move it easier.
It was very expensive too.

Hi and low inputs, pre and post amp, adjustable compression and distortion, 7-band graphics eq with hi and low cut off, send and return jacks, DI, speaker extension.
This combo is build in a flightcase.
Dimensions: 66x52x45 cm, weight: 42 kg.

I've being playing for 32 years and own many gear.
If it is stolen, I would buy it again.
But nowadays I would buy something smaller and lighter.
What I love about it, it is reliable enough for all gigs without a back up standing buy.

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Superb Quality but Terrible Customer Support (PowerMate 1600)

By Robert Nicklas, 06/06/2018
I have a Powermate 1600 which is irreparable due to Dynacord Policy. I loved using this desk. Very user friendly, robust, huge power, all the inputs and outputs you could need, fantastic effects, I could rave about it for hours. The trouble is it has developed a fault and Dynacord will not release the schematic. Three different, highly reputable service engineers have told me that Dynacord are unique in not helping customers in this respect. This renders Dynacord products irreparable. If they had good customer relations I would recommend but I am forced to say do not buy.

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Published on 04/16/10
Equipped with a 2 x 400 watt Class D power amplifier, an electronic crossover and loudspeaker equalization, the system is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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