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User Reviews

Good mic!

By Tom Powder, 08/09/2014
Dynamic microphone for bass instruments capturing (or not I like it on some snare).


I use it for 4 years regularly live and in the studio, I have tried many mics same range before this one (beta 52, D112, e602) and for my use is the one who did best go .
This mic is not neutral, moreover, it is not what is asked. To my taste it makes sense associated with 91 beta but is doing fine on his own when well placed.

But a catch size, the clamp supplied with is really zero (poor quality plastic, replace quickly not anything better).
This defect is compensated by the low weight of the mic that seems solid.

Since I use it I'm happy, the value for money looks good to me since I have not had a single problem with it. I recommend it and do it again this choice.


By V old man on the hill, 17/12/2012
Microphone for bass drum, dynamic blah!


I have a two years but Mr. D6 and I know it must be since 2008.
It is a microphone that sells itself as a "must have" of modern sondier. In any would say it is already equalized. You can imagine the business case for sondier not very sure of himself!
It actually has a sound in air time bringing a heavy kick and impacted.
But I remember the cheers of the B52, B91 and other AKG D112 today but here is the skinny not baggy ok.
Experience tells me that the bass drum is an instrument somewhat marked by virtual methods and delivery systems.
For my part I predicts a return of 421 by 2015.

Very good micro scene

By lechauve, 04/11/2012
Dynamic type capsule wide cardioid.
Constitution lightweight (it pays not mine), but the quality AUDIX is, without a doubt.
Visible here:

No used exclusively amplified bass drum and bass, and uniqt live, for my part.
Preferred styles: rock, pop and metal. But TAF used in jazz, reggae or folk (I get there and yet not an eagle chuis sound).
For the record I do not have enough experience about it, but I often lend to the home studio (trad jazz), and I'm rather positive feedback.
Anecdote: I have a friend (technician pro video sondier warned) who tried on singing voice of desperation (zik making troubleshooting for home-studio demo urgent) ... And bé is worse, it seems (well, yes I have not heard) ...


Used for 7 months.

Other models tested often (live): SHURE Beta 52, AKG D112, E906 SENN (jazz and folk).
Slightly less often (live in troubleshooting): BEYER M88N.

The (large) +: a deep response in the bass attack very present without being aggressive harmonics attenuated in low-medium without deleting the richness of the instrument. It is quite immediate music, in short. For me the sound with this mic is tjr easier (faster) to color with the other four models aforementioned, QLQ is the sound of the instrument's original bass.
This is mainly due, WADA, the curve very special and flattering but also character cardioid mic which allows more efficient recovery of the sound envelope of an instrument B52, eg

(Small) -:
- Its cardioid which makes it less repisse immunized against a B52 (hyper-cardio), especially in a confined space bar type (in my case, used a systematic ° gate)
- Greater sensitivity to the waves, shocks and other vibrations that B52 or D112 on small scenes or low-damn bad, the AMA to its lightness (in my case, used No systematic suspension universal, as the OH, mm if not needed).

Very good ratio Q / P, at least compared to its direct competitors.
It costs a price SENN mm E902 (already played it, as a drummer, but never tried as sondier) and a little expensive than B52 +, a D112 or E906, for best results that WADA the last 3.
For GC or bass, I would do this choice without hesitation if necessary. For a more versatile (percussion, winds ...) I choose rather a M88 (but then, nine is not price ... mm).

found the sweet spot

By sw80, 29/10/2012
The Audix D6 is a cardioid kick drum microphone that cost 200 dollars. It is very good and very affordable. We use to use a AKG kick drum microphone for a while and then went with a Shure microphone for the kick. Now we have the Audix D6 and wow, I have not seen a microphone in this price range do what the D6 can do.


The Audix D6 has a nice punch to it, so if you are making easy listening music or some type of jazz music then this microphone might not work for you. The Audix D6 has a full and rich low end to it. The frequency response on the Audix D6 is only 30 Hz-15khz and you won’t need to position it perfectly or find that perfect microphone location in order for it to give you that great sound either. As long as you have the microphone about 4 to 6 inches away from the drum you will get a full sound.
I do think the Audix D6 sounds better in a live show than it does being recorded. It just has a live feel and flavor to it, if you record with it you may have to pull back the kick drum a little bit in the mix or else it could be a little over powering and drown out your mix.
The Audix D6 is better than the Beta 52’s without a question. I was a Beta 52 user for about a year and then fell in love with the Audix D6 about 3 months ago and have not though about the Beta 52 since then. The precision and quality of sound are amazing for the price and I am extremely happy with our choice to use this microphone. This is the first Audix drum microphone that I have ever seen or used, and from now one it is my favorite kick drum microphone.
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