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User Review

Very good micro scene - Reviews Audix D6

Dynamic type capsule wide cardioid.
Constitution lightweight (it pays not mine), but the quality AUDIX is, without a doubt.
Visible here:

No used exclusively amplified bass drum and bass, and uniqt live, for my part.
Preferred styles: rock, pop and metal. But TAF used in jazz, reggae or folk (I get there and yet not an eagle chuis sound).
For the record I do not have enough experience about it, but I often lend to the home studio (trad jazz), and I'm rather positive feedback.
Anecdote: I have a friend (technician pro video sondier warned) who tried on singing voice of desperation (zik making troubleshooting for home-studio demo urgent) ... And bé is worse, it seems (well, yes I have not heard) ...


Used for 7 months.

Other models tested often (live): SHURE Beta 52, AKG D112, E906 SENN (jazz and folk).
Slightly less often (live in troubleshooting): BEYER M88N.

The (large) +: a deep response in the bass attack very present without being aggressive harmonics attenuated in low-medium without deleting the richness of the instrument. It is quite immediate music, in short. For me the sound with this mic is tjr easier (faster) to color with the other four models aforementioned, QLQ is the sound of the instrument's original bass.
This is mainly due, WADA, the curve very special and flattering but also character cardioid mic which allows more efficient recovery of the sound envelope of an instrument B52, eg

(Small) -:
- Its cardioid which makes it less repisse immunized against a B52 (hyper-cardio), especially in a confined space bar type (in my case, used a systematic ° gate)
- Greater sensitivity to the waves, shocks and other vibrations that B52 or D112 on small scenes or low-damn bad, the AMA to its lightness (in my case, used No systematic suspension universal, as the OH, mm if not needed).

Very good ratio Q / P, at least compared to its direct competitors.
It costs a price SENN mm E902 (already played it, as a drummer, but never tried as sondier) and a little expensive than B52 +, a D112 or E906, for best results that WADA the last 3.
For GC or bass, I would do this choice without hesitation if necessary. For a more versatile (percussion, winds ...) I choose rather a M88 (but then, nine is not price ... mm).