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User Review

pierhomme's review - Audix F12

Micro Bass Drum and Floor Tom


I use it for almost a year.
I like his attack is just the brand name of Audix.
No need to bring out the equation or bat type.
I do not like his equa who does not go quite to the 40-50Hz to work on a bass drum.
I tried the big boxes:
AKG D112 (very Rock N Roll)
Beta 52 (Good attack, in particular serious
Audix D6 (the best kick drum mic)
Beta 91 (Not enough depth, and fast synthetic)
In E902 (Drool and has no attack)
On the toms <ul>
AKG D11 (Correct live lacks a bit of attack, but sounds too)
E604 (no attque, imprecise, and sounds too)
Nickel Beta52A nothing to say
Beta 58. Really excellent, but not recommended live
Audix F90. Better than BETA58.
I chose the F12 waiting to buy the D6. Saying that at worst he will leave on the floor tom. And bah I do not know if I'll take my D6. I'll have to find arguments for the moment because it suits me. I would take perhaps a D112 for the add Jazzy.