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User Review

very versatile on micro - Reviews Beyerdynamic M 88 TG

it is a fairly robust and well dynamic cardio for sources with severe (bass drum, tom bass amp ... some voices but requires that the microphone is on a mic stand because handling noise pass .. . should also provide a great low cut if you want to use it on vocals) that I have is the m88 TG therefore not original (I read somewhere that it was specially designed for the road)


I use since its purchase so mid 2012 (I 03 of the m88 and many others in beyerdynamic). I have not tried a lot of pickups in the genre and I think well above shures (SM57 and 58 and even Beta) based applications. he walks in a nickel bass drum, toms on some clear cases (with the body) for bass amps (my favorite use)
what I like least is the bump in the high mids which is quite unpleasant for some uses (some snare or toms)
yes I do it again this choice because it is a very good mic, fairly robust and versatile.
PS: one of my 88TG gives more bass after Berhinger branch on a console that was obviously a problem.
and then it is very difficult to open ... I did not have access to the inside to see it as a problem y'avait
edit: I have 03 already including 1 down I will not do it again this choice but I am more towards the orienterai from AKG C535 which have well said, but it remains a good microphone