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User Review

Top notch - Reviews Beyerdynamic M 88 TG

Value For Money : Excellent
It is a versatile hyper-cardioid dynamic microphone.
It is effective on many sources, with a very detailed without being cold or aggressive.
I love it.


I use it occasionally for 2 years, especially for the sound - or my own group, when I do the sound of other groups.
In this context, I obviously used a lot of dynamic microphones: SM58, SM57, Beta57, AT2010, Sennheiser e935 (also beautiful microphone for voice), Sennheiser E865 ...

I used it on many sources, and each time it was perfect.
Some examples:
- On the man's voice: a feeble voice, no technique, alto range in a difficult acoustic (very reverberant, with risks larsens), it allowed me to instantly find the right settings, while I struggled for 20 minutes with an SM58. Sharper and more detailed, more output gain, less sensitive to grip. In the general mess, we heard the singer ...
- On a voice very powerful and technical women in general very acute (a lot of head voice), it worked very well, with a good accuracy without aggressiveness.
- On an atrocious concert where the singer was back in return (he had two for himself, it is a star that I will not mention the name magnanimity) in a highly reverberant room, it took I the music for a acoustic guitar. Anxiety. Condenser mics (Oktava MK012) I used were too sensitive to grip (the singer was strongest on stage and in the hall - crazy), and I had no cell. Well, the M88 has the job without (too much) problem. It was a bit limited in terms of volume, but frankly I do not believe it. Again, the guitar has found its way into the mix, both in terms of sharpness and frequency in terms of volume (which seemed at first impossible to view)
- On skyscrapers amps, a cajon, snare moult and other sources, it is frankly excellent both times.

What I like most is its versatility, output gain, accuracy, neutrality. The fact that it may interfere with hypercardioid (do not move too much), but it also helps to isolate the other instruments or ambient mess (see my experiences with him)
I find nothing to complain about. Obviously, there are more happy for a particular source or a particular aesthetic, but in terms of versatility, this is the most amazing I have ever dynamic choice.
Obviously, for less than 300 € I would do this choice. The value for money is excellent!