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User Review

A micro ultra versatile ... - Reviews Beyerdynamic M 88

You can do anything with!

Taking voice studio when someone sends a little! A beautiful and sound sensitivity is not "stuffy like bcp dynamic microphones.
Guitar amps, bass amp, and it sounds Kick ...


more than 10 years of use and never disappoints. This is really a great tool, and when I can not find the sound I want with another micro, it is still this one, and in general it takes no risk.
C with a micro nia, extended down a beautiful shine that may be a bit too much for guitars, but in this case a bit correcting the amp. A micro try it on a big distorted guitars. Excellent on bass drums rock see more!
Definitely a great value, as well as the Shure SM7B, Electrovoice RE20, Sennheiser 421 and 441 billion.
Expensive for a dynamic, but worth the price.