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User Review

Froggy's review - Hohner Blues Blaster

The Bluesblaster is a copy of the Astatic JT30VC. This is a microphone that has a cell lment (PM), the team that the Bluesblaster MODEL is a cell called Crystal (PMC151).
It's a caractrise pchu that values ​​the treble.
In contrast, the crystal cell are dsagrable inconvnient trs to be fragile just leave the microphone in the sun right in t and the cell is lost. Not that the sound does not happen anymore, but the crystal will inoprant and therefore the color of the sound will Bluesblaster affcte.

Otherwise, it remains one of the microphones of references to blues harmonica, that said, it's also because of its look, trs U.S. REPRESENTATIVES middle of the 20th sci cle.

The dimensions of the micro Bluesblaster make a easy to handle, including those with small hands. In addition, its weight (500 grams infrieur) makes an asset out of all the microphones "Bullet" (shaped flagship bike).


I use rgulirement 4 years. I prfre in microphone, the look but also omnidirectionnalit of the cell. In addition, the fact that it is a Crystal lment allows me to have a sound pchu, but retaining a saturated sound reproduction and Fidler notes produced. I use it especially with harmonicas serious (low C, Low G. ..)

The quality price ratio seems to me disproportionate. There are 50 balls in gear, and originally it was a microphone used by Bluesmen (ie blacks) because no one wanted these microphones and did not care that "even a ngre" the rcupre. C'taitun micro $ 12.

But the voaynt Intrets that such MODELS came in suciter musician, manufacturers took the initiative to drive up prices.

But the look is indniable.
With experience, I do not have this micro Rasht. There are now much more efficient micro is more reliable and less fragile and more versatile. A good Shure Beta 57 or 585SAV are true wonders and does not s'altrent time.