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User Review

Very good microphone! - Reviews Prodipe TT1 Lanen

Dynamic microphone singing. I use it only for voice.


I use the microwave for a year now. It is really very strong and especially not this hollow in the mids that can sometimes have the SM58 ... For its price, this microphone is unbeatable: good frequency response, high gain (quite handy to hear the singer / the singer when musicians are still playing too loud. No need to turn up the gain of the bottom table and risking saturate) faithful reproduction of grain votes.

Small problem: a lot of "pop" (so be careful if you have the ability to do a lot of singing plosives). And for that alone, it may not be suitable for everyone ... So, it is better to settle for a Beta 58 which has the same definition with more shine and it will not default (but c is much more expensive ...).

To remedy this defect a little, add a pop filter between the gate and the capsule (but it does not completely solve the problem).

In summary, an excellent microphone (I have rehearsal studios in Lille and all my studios are equipped with the micro rather than the SM58) but beware of popping ...