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User Review

New in Box. Took me hours to figure out the wiring. - Reviews RCF MD 1708

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
Thank god it came with a cable.
Wiring is just like TS to XLR cable wiring:
XLR pins 1+3 and joined together; which are the shield and pin 1 on the mic side. The shield doesn't have a pin on the mic side, it's soldered to the metal tab. Don't lose the little screw, as it makes a solid connection between the shielding cable and the body of the mic.
XLR pin 2 is either pin 2 or 3 on the mic side (low-z or high-z connections).

I tried both low-z and high-z. Low-z setting is 200 ohms and, at least for me, requires a cloud lifter gain booster for my mixers (which I don't have). So mine is set for high-z.

I love the sound. Focuses on mids and highs; in my opinion great for live shows as most stage mics are SM-58s which have always been more bass friendly. Very punchy for live shows.

I think this mic was built for broadcasting. It's hard to tell as there is zero info on this mic. This is quickly turning into my favorite mic for MCing on stage, singing, and podcasting.
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