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User Reviews


By tony gala, 21/12/2012
Sennheiser E 935 for vocals I find wonderful compared to shure sm58 for karaoke I use jm vima 5 when I switched from roland effects although it is noticeable


I just have this and is trying it I was delighted
I shure sm58 also but I think they live on their laurels
in value for money I prefer the shure

Hold the road in any situation

By Libertopanik, 08/12/2012
I will not go into the technical characteristics it has already been done, but what interests us the strengths and weaknesses.

It remains for me now THE vocal mic ideal because it is precise, clear, put in evidence the voice in a variety of style and singer being taken and therefore kernels with different voices to achieve, it is very difficult to find a microphone that will adapt to any securities played. After having used the SM58 remains a reference but unfortunately did have time, microphones today are very good and prices very competitive, and E935 that stands out among the references.

He has a good presence in a mix and so we do not drown in the frequencies of other instruments, both on stage again, a good mix of volume anyway because it can very quickly enclancher the clip level, given the catching power of the capsule.

Knowledge of micro and still has to suggest the movement of micro push during voice or give effect because he transcribed his movements parfaitements.


You will therefore understand it, at least for me THE microwave. I pensse that there are many more recess is over, but let's face has a current price of around € 180, it is not stolen.

It will delight many singers who will cross the step that will acquire and in the list of references SM58, E845, BEYER DYNAMIC TGX 58, AKG D 3800, basically all the microphones retranscrive our voices so ...

PS: There is no rule for singing unfortunately, test, and you can make your own oppinion but if many of us appreciate what is already a good base for those still looking.


By Lau., 14/11/2012
see specs of micro ...


I tried it today.

What I like least is not from the microphone but my pc sound card and who do not 2ms latency ...

I tried studio condenser microphones cheap (behringer B2, B1 Audio Project) Sennheiser E825 which did not suit me at all ... no presence for anything other than singing and yet it depends on the voice, the price is lower too ..

I had a sm58 who dropped ... it is still far from E935 ...

I have tried in a different context (sound on) a shure beta 87 microphone static scene ...

Well, in my context the E935 is perfect for me, I do not feel any Laise not taking beta 87 due to budget. I wonder if the E935 does not better on my voice.

When I pass my voice in the E935 I recognize, whether speaking, singing, sussurant, etc ... if you can push a little out bass monster (I mean in fact voice, the kind of his can be done to the beat box or didgeridoo), the airborne sound swooooooooosh are superb ... attendance is very good. Really happy with this microphone. Nothing to say for my use. I also rediscovered my way with the amateur beat box (it looks very good for this type of use but provide very good compression because it has plenty of gain and speakers will complain). When you do a kick in there wow it sounds!

Accuracy: between micro "studio" Beringher B2 and micro ... well I'd taken my studio dynamic microphone with this without any hesitation, B2 rotting my stamp like no other, in fact I'll sell it not B2.

Thank you, 95 euros fdp in hand with cover, tweezers and three flexible microphones, I do not regret a second.
Note that I bought used, the grid is a bit bumpy and the microphone clearly not well served as I had specified the seller ... it must be strong because it sounds of thunder.

No regrets on this purchase is worth celebrating!

Kierkes's review

By Kierkes, 19/07/2011
The Sennheiser E 935 is, if Sennheiser is to be believed, the bigger sibling of the E 835. Sennheiser claims that the E 935 has a very high output, and I, personally, think that the hotter a live vocal microphone, the better! This review will go into the microphone.

The Sennheiser E 935 is a dynamic microphone specifically tailored for live vocal performance. It has a cardioid response pattern, which is pretty standard. What I can write home about however is its frequency response; it is extended from the venerated SM58's 50-15,000 Hz response, to a very, very nice and complete 40-18,000 Hz. What I find particularly nice about the Sennheiser E 935 is the way it flatters vocals. Personally, with a richer voice, the Sennheiser E 935 is very good compared to all of the Shure microphones on my voice, from the SM57, SM58, Beta 57A, and Beta 58A, as even though both Beta microphones do mitigate the midrange muddiness of the SM58, neither do so well as the Sennheiser E 935.

What is especially nice about the Sennheiser E 935 is its hot output. I dislike cranking up the gain of the pre amps in order to get a usable signal out of the less high output microphones like the Shure SM58, as not every venue has a preamp nice enough to do so without introducing very noticeable noise. This is a huge plus, and it is also apparently a big deal to Sennheiser; the slogan for the microphone mentions its high output.


The Sennheiser E 935 is a little higher output than the E 835, which is already quite a fantastic microphone at the same price as the SM58. This is a little more, on par with the Betas, and it blows them out of the water as a vocal microphone. I am not, however, familiar with using them as workhorse microphones. So if you need a workhorse and can't try any microphones, the Shures are safer bets, but this will surely excel on a voice, especially if it's a richer one.
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  • Manufacturer:Sennheiser
  • Model:e 935
  • Series:evolution 900
  • Category:Dynamic Microphones
  • Added in our database on: 02/17/2005

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