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User Review

Great for voice work - Reviews Sennheiser MD 421-II

Has a 5 knotch bass control. Very directional design. This is a classic mic known for rugged build and reliability as well as a high quality performance. I know these are typically used for drums in the studio but I use mine for voiceovers mostly. I run a weekly podcast with a couple of buddies and I have 4 of these on tap just for that purpose. It works pretty great for this application although not the end all be all of voice mics. I expect the MD421 would be even better as a live voice mic due to its lack of feedback or noise. I can never get it to feedback no matter what I do. They are very clear and have a nice response range.

I've also used this mic for some oddball uses like recording congas and even wind instruments. I still remember the day I was asked to run sound for an outside festival and I used a couple of these to mic the percussionist of a band that was playing. At one point it started raining fairly hard and the band kept going. A lot of the mics on stage started to malfunction noticeably but the MD421's didn't seem to have any issues. They got pretty wet too. 3 years later I still have them and they aren't in any worse shape.


This is probably one of my favorite mics for really loud situations or situations where feedback is prone to happen. It won't feedback ever in my experience. The odd shape can be an issue if you don't have the proper clip at hand. And the clip it does use it very annoying. At the end of the day it's a great reliable mic for a number of odd uses. Just don't fall too in love with it. It doesn't work for everything. Still, well worth the price and I think everybody should get one or two at least. They will likely outlive you regardless of whether you take care of them.