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User Review

the best microphone for voice medium - Reviews Shure Beta 58A

Hyper cardioid dynamic microphone


It's been 20 years since I used to repeat to me and also for my solo performances.
He dropped the last week after 20 years of good service after a small réparartion 10 years ago, without any special care (stored directly in the bag of cables, fell several times) and I'll buy a dice this week. (A beta 58A of the coup as the normal 58 no longer exists)
Noise manipulations are incredibly reduced!

With my group and repeats on stage we have sm58 which are much less effective on a voice like mine that does not shine by its round bass.

Compared to the SM 58, the beta 58 also has a better resistance to feedback.

I think there is no better on stage for voices like mine (a guy's voice but not Barry White lol) or a girl's voice.
(Waiting for my new BETA58 I sing with my sm57 and I'm miserable!)