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AudioTouch C-Buss Review

The Analog/Virtual Symbiosis
 In terms of hardware compressors, the latest products are too often expressions of the same theme, variations on a mythical device that has already proved its worth. Fortunately though, on rare occasions, a nice surprise arrives at your door. This is especially true in regard to today's topic since, for once, the innovation was right next door... read more…

Portico Series: The Test

Rupert Neve Designs Portico Series Neve. If there’s one name that causes the studio professional’s pulse to quicken, this is it! Even if the company has gone their own separate way with AMS since 1985, Rupert Neve, creator of the brand, has not hung up his soldering iron and is still creating new modules for his Portico range. read more…

User reviews on Dynamic Processor products

Excellent for Mastering (Behringer - Ultra-Dyne Pro DSP9024)

By Joe_Blade, 29/05/2018
Incredible unit for mastering. I've had mine for many years, it has more than served me incredibly well in the recording studio mastering tracks. The quality of the sound comparing raw tracks to mastered is like night and day. Was one of the best purchases I made for the studio :bravo: :8O: :-D :bravo:

A great – though aging - quad comp (Klark Teknik - DN 504)

By Mattbat, 20/07/2017
I’ve personnally mostly used this Quad Compressor live.
It was old and looked used and battered, but it still worked wonder. It’s a really sturdy and reliable model! Up to par with the manufacturer’s reputation.

Its features can easily be found through your favourite search engine.

Very well-finished, especially considering how old mine was : it had been used for years and years but was still fully functional (LEDs, selectors and knobs – even though some of them are a little sunk inside…). It’s sturdily built, for sure! Its connectors are great too.

Soundwise, I found it made a great job in live performances.
It brings character to the vocals, allowing them to remain natural-sounding while sticking out in the mix. The automatic options for the knee, attack and release settings allow to set them on-the-fly before tweaking them more precisely, increasing the unit’s flexibility. It also makes it suitable for all users.

I never had an opportunity to try it in the studio or for recording purpose, so I won’t judge it but I’m not worried about its suitability in such circumstances.

What is sure is that you can really hear the setting changes, while retaining a great clarity. The kicks get thicker, the snares keep their proper tones.
I got totally seduced, and my current 01V96V2’s integrated comp sounds like a lightweight compared with it.

Getting four compressions of such a high quality for the price I paid it (a hundred euros for a very used unit): what more can you ask? I owned another rack with two BBE comp – no contest, the Klark was way better!

I only rate it 4 stars due to my own unability to judge of its qualities in the studio, but I have no ill to say of it. Please note I’m not a professional user, only a rather enlightened amateur, self-taught user.

Simple, yet efficient (Urei / Jbl - LA-4)

By evil cat, 28/02/2017
I've owned the Silverface and Blackface versions. Their sounds slightly differ: the Silver favors high mids, while the black is richer in the low mids, but it's really, really subtle!

What's nice with such pieces of gear is how simple they are: you only tweak the ratio, threshold and output level and it always sounds right.
The problem with them is... how simple they are! Either it gives you straight away what you expect, or it no use insisting and you'd better gat after something else.

Its sound remains quite neutral colorwise, the release setting is rather slow. Compared with other gear I have I mostly use it for a transparent sound treatment and "technical" compression so as to only keep the signal without a real impact on the sound itself. I's been my first "serious" compressor and I like it, it's a nice little unit.

News Dynamic Processor

IGS releases 576 Blue Stripe

Published on 05/19/16
IGS has released its new 576 Blue Stripe compressor unit, first introduces sooner this year at MusikMesse.

[MUSIKMESSE] IGS 576 Blue Stripe

Published on 04/08/16

Feature Articles Dynamic Processor

Jack Joseph Puig Speaks His Mind

Published on 11/18/14
Jack Joseph Puig Speaks His Mind
One of the best known and most successful producer/engineers in the business, Grammy-winner Jack Joseph Puig has worked with heavyweights like U2, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, John Mayer, Fergie, …

Legendary Optical Compressor

How Does a Sidechain Work?

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Klark Teknik DN 500

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