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TOP OF Mixers (SAM 312)

By dakota10, 17/10/2014
Rackable 19 1U, XLR connection preferably ...


3 input, sufficient to use


there's no simpler transparent ...


Acquired in late September, replacing my Executive Audio Clubtech 10/2, so already had the SAM 512 10 years ago, there is no easier to use to connect a CD player Gemini CDMP 1400 and a PC, connect on an amp Crown XLI 1500 and two Phonic printing 15 speakers used for sports activities and some private party, the sound is good without pushing too hard not require équalo ...

Ecler quality ... (nuo 2.0)

By Elenel, 29/09/2014
I've had two weeks. In use scratch / Sampling, I needed it for the crossfader and audio quality. She has no legs but can eventually fix the Racker (seen in the manual). I think the connection is already summarized, we have everything you need, although output would have pleased me Jack 6.35. But there's still the XLR so we will not complain ..
The EQ is perfect for what I do, the buttons switch to a frequency killer are convenient to cut the bass to scratch, and I imagine the possible effects for a live DJ mixes. on the other hand I searched a bit in the manual the actual frequency of 3 bands with no result ...
There's also a microphone input 6.35, perfect to carry around a live set for a big session Hip Hop ... It can turn into a line input for a third assignable PFL RCA input with EQ High and low and a knob volume.


Intuitive configuration, table 2 way what.
Everything is accessible without worry
The cross is quite delicious to use, it cuts dry, all settings of the curve are the cut-in point, too, the reverse for hamsters ... A war machine for scratching. Moreover upgradable with one of those famous cross Eternal guaranteed for 5 years or the inno's
And little more still useful: the mid knobs is notched for a rapido setting is handy.
Little less: No Pan knob, j'men not serve t'façon but hey it's a classic, they fart all the codes these guys! :)
Pre Fader Listening (PFL) is useful to gauge the sound level of an entry to yourself, convenient to set a level in live when you're plugged into a pulsating sound, it prevents you drill eardrums and 'annoy sound engineers ... Assignable per track what's more, perfection ...


At the moment it made me very transparent air ... Even though I always put a small handful of decibels on high EQ, but it is more a habit than anything else :)
No breath
Although effective EQ, kill mode is useful


This is my second table, before I had recovered a Stanton SK2 in bad shape for 70 € and I decided to treat myself, the crabs spend much better and the phases flow well.
For € 200 it's good value for money.
I would resume and I would suggest it is compact, perfect for my two 35m square and everything is.
The only thing that I could blame him for the moment is the lack of pan and output jack 6.35 but it really has to have something wrong. I would see over time how it progresses the story, I will return to the updates for my opinion if necessary.

News Ecler

New Ecler VERSO Series

Published on 03/02/09
Ecler is introducing a new series of speaker cabinets, Verso.

[Musikmesse] Ecler EVO 4

Published on 03/15/08