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Native Instruments The Mouth Mini-Review

Word of Mouth Plug-in The Mouth, second effect created by Tim Exile after The Finger, allows you to process any input signal in a creative way, even though it shows some preference for vocals. Is it a vocoder? More? Or less? read more…

User reviews on Effect sequencer products

Awesome plugin, especially live! (iZotope - Stutter Edit)

By Adyssey Beats, 22/06/2012
There were no compatibility issues getting Izotope Stutter Edit up and running on my MacBook Pro in Ableton Live 8. The general configuration of the plugin is a bit confusing at first, but once the user realizes that the screen's parameters at any given time only affect one midi key it becomes much easier to maneuver through and set up a whole scale of sweet stutter, gating, and vinyl effects. As far as the plugin's particular parameters go, there are options for buffering the signal, delaying it, filtering it, bit-reducing it, gating it, and of course, stuttering it. Spend a couple hours studying and testing the interface and all of these options will be easily at your disposal.


So the way that I like to use this plugin is to pre-program all of the buttons on my Novation Launchpad, set it on one or a couple tracks, or the master track, and then trigger the effects live. Stutter Edit works perfectly with the User 1 interface of the Novation Launchpad and adds some really cool, very unique sounds to a song or set. I actually did an entire project for a digital music composition class on live manipulation of a continuous audio signal using Stutter Edit and it performed very well. This is my sixth month using the product and I can say that I am happily satisfied and haven't had to resort to other similar software or VSTs.


Overall Izotope Stutter Edit is a performance must have for electronic musicians who want to display expressive and clearly live signal manipulation. The effects sound great and are very flexible in their parameters. Having each key set to a different effect allows for as many options as one's midi controller or DAW can handle and the CPU usage isn't excessive. Lots of pros for very few cons. For the price, not too bad seeing as though there are limited cheap or freeware glitch VSTs available for Mac. Bottom line, if glitching out your signal is the goal you can't go wrong with Izotope's Stutter Edit.

took my transitions and fills to new levels (iZotope - Stutter Edit)

By JimboSpins, 06/10/2012
I use iZotope Stutter Edit Effects on my Windows PC running windows 7 and it works great and has never caused any issues in Ableton Live. I have also used it on my Mac studio computer and it works great there as well. You can use it as a VST with just about any audio editing or music composing software that is out and it is very stable and will not crash and burn on you. IZotope Stutter Edit Effects is a great plug in to have for your fills and transitions. Normally it would take me hours sometimes to have all of my effects a fills/ build ups. I feel like these are parts of songs that are over looked and they can really add some flare to your music or mixes. Using the Stutter Edit by iZotope has made this extremely easy for me and I am able to get it done way faster than I ever could. You can play effects like you can an instrument right on your MIDI controller, and everything is real time. The manual is easy to understand, but watching tutorials online is a lot better.


The iZotope Stutter Edit Effects works great, it has never caused any issues or concerns. I have been using it since January of this year, after purchasing it for a New Year software deal online. It has been a great purchase for me and cut hours off of my final mixing process with adding and editing effects and transitions. Its better than the glitch VST.


How easy it is and quick it is are my favorite things about it, some people compare it to glitch but to me its way better, it has a more user friendly interface and is a lot more efficient. The price to purchase this plug in is so low you just have to buy it. If they have a trial version online I suggest trying it out, you will be purchasing it soon!

Awesome. Used By Armin van Buuren. (Sugar Bytes - Effectrix)

By BeyondR, 05/01/2013
I didn't had any problems regarding the compatibility of the program , everything worked as I expected.
The configuration doesn't require much time, the manual is very clear and provides all the necessary information regarding how the program works , where to find your necessary tools and how to became quite friendly with the program.
The usual functions are quite accessible because the design provided is very handy and up forward .


The application performs incredibly good, the software is high quality and the gear is stable and easy to use if you're had some collision with certain effects found in many Daw's .
I'm getting good performances with this program entitled Effectrix , even if I have not been using this program for very long , I can say I'm quite impressed with all the feedback that I have.


What I really enjoy are the 13 featuring effects and the 32-step sequencer with 12 sub-patterns that is very handy for dubstep or trancy sounds.
I do enjoy the great reverb that is build-in that allows to get even crazier in terms of composition and creating exciting groovy patters that get way out of the usual.
This program also has a looper , timestretch , tcratch , tape stop , a reverse function , an absolute great filter , a stutter effect , high quality delay , of course the chorus and phaser and at last a crusher.

My opinion about the value of price is good , this product costs around 120 $ but it's used world wide , even by the Armin van Buuren itself . The quality and precision of sounds is without a doubt , as you expected , pro quality , great features and quality.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this program without a doubt, because it's worth it , do not hesitate.

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