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Audio Damage gets into modular hardware

By popular request and for its 10th anniversary, Audio Damage converts some of their plug-ins into modular hardware.

Audio Damage debuts the modular adventure with three modules in Eurorack format:

  • ADM01 DubJr retains from its Dubstation, Ronin and Dr. Device plug-ins the Bucket Brigade delay algorithm
  • ADM02 Grainshift is a real time pitch shifter and granular effect based on the Discord3 plug-in
  • ADM03 Errorbox is a real homage to the brand name, with its sample rate reduction feature, a bit crusher that takes the input signal to a square wave, and an ERR algorithm (the same as the one used in the Kombinat Dva plug-in) that will put chaos into your audio signal

Each Eurorack module retails for $179 but they will only be available at selected retailers. Visit for further details.