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MusicMan Classic Stingray 4 Mini-Review

Classic and Timeless Today's review is dedicated to a master piece and a living legend — a totem in electric bass guitar history. read more…

User reviews on Electric Basses Music Man products

Music Man Sterling HS (Sterling 5)

By MGR/Golem, 28/10/2007
Bass about 10 yrs kind of Old School

Had to combine neck and body from different Sterlings so it cost Too Much

Neck. Originally Maple FB fretted neck, which I still have on another Sterling. Fretwork is near perfect, neck profile is classic and very comfortable. Current neck is from another Sterling, a pua ferro lined fretless that has that same comfortable feel. The other cool touch on a MM neck is the adjuster wheel for the truss rod ... super EZ to use.

Neck is great but the big deal on this ax is the neck PU. EBMM finally added a neck PU, your choice of a second MM-type or a noiseless singel coil. This is the SC and the sounds from all 5 modes of the PU config switch are very different from each other and all very useful. My faves are the front two coils nearest the neck, for general use, and the SC nearest the bridge for shock & awe. I also like to play just the neck SC for a really thick, almost slightly blurry bass. It's not muddy like a mudbucker!

A little lighter would be cool [this one is 9.5 lb]. I would like more direct control over the dual PU's rather than the 5-way switch with its 5 fixed configs.

Carbon/resin reinforcement bars in the neck would be a good upgrade.

Battery holder does not inspire confidence.

It's a MM and it lives up to that. This one is clear gloss over ash, which is my fave flavor for solid bodied basses.

PU's are in the classic MM style with the large diameter single pole pieces.

This is one of the best FLs I've ever played in terms of sound and response to player input.

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Music Man Stingray 4 (StingRay 4)

By MGR/Augustinas, 27/04/2008
I play the bass for 16 years now in a various bands. Most often I play rock, blues, jazz, funk and sometimes classical music. My favourite genre of music is rock (I like it from 8 ears old).

I bought this Stingray 1 month ago at for 1365 USD.

I like almost everything about it. My bass is transparent gold with maple neck. Very good looking, extremely good rocking sound, awesome slap sound, active electronics (9 V power supply) with treble, middle and bass controllers, which gives you more tonal variations from solid and massive to sharp and high sound.

Unfinished neck. I affraid that it will become dirty after some time :-) Anyway this natural maple is wery nice for my left hand.

Very strong, good done. I think it won't break even cracked to the wall.

It's probably the best bass I've ever had. Since I really like to play rock, Music Man Stingray is right bass for me.

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Musicman Bongo 6

Published on 06/25/08
Musicman presents the Bongo 6, a 6-string version in the brand's Bongo electric bass series.

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