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MusicMan Classic Stingray 4 Mini-Review

Classic and Timeless Today's review is dedicated to a master piece and a living legend — a totem in electric bass guitar history. read more…

User reviews on Electric Basses Music Man products

pussinboots's review (StingRay 5 HH)

By pussinboots, 25/11/2014
USA 1997 birdeyes wax
Well it's a 5 string Stingray, 1 pad, a simple switch, double parallel, double serial coil (s).
EQ 3 trebble, medium, bass.
Perfect balance. Channel and mapple key.
The racing machine is felt immediately.


The handle is very nice except that the G string tends to start to derail the handle if we are not careful (very close to the edge). I got used to after a while.

Easy sound.


You can do anything with ... complete versatility, it even has its Stingray if you want ... I use the effects from time to time, I have a Pandora Stomp coupled with a by-pass (if no pandora on stage, unusable).
We can not say that the preamp brings any gain flat. I log in passive entry. By against the gains are very effective in use.


3 years since I toured with. Model I have full in 4 and 5-string (read my review) and I had open. This is my only bass gig because it's a bass that anything can be requested and anytime (EQ 3). It always sends the block head and it's something I could not define, I really trouble me off unless I run rp or the other (and not always). This really is the complete professional tool and I think his balance in the hands has much. Now must love the 5-string ...

Great (StingRay 5)

By Nicocello, 15/10/2014
Made in the USA in 1991, 22 frets,
Musicman humbucker, bridge musicman without damper (the only thing missing!)
Volume Adjustment 3-band (treble, mid, bass), 3-position selector (series, bridge, parallel)
Maple handle speckled, rosewood fingerboard (rosewood).


Reasonably wide for a 5 string handle, fast, nail very sweet, pretty good access to acute.
weight is quite big but has never bothered me.

The sound is there, no problem, even with all the knobs in the center. Simple and effective eq!


The selector knobs and not give a lot of possibilities. You can play rock, funk, reggae, jazz, and everything what!
5 string version is more versatile than the 4 (same config as the excellent sterling).
Obviously nothing to do with modern jazz bass or bass. With ropes a little old was a great vintage sound like an old precision. With new ropes the sound becomes more modern and bright.
I tried the most recent, some not terrible (it's rare but it can happen), other really well. This one has a little something extra, certainly due to age and wood used. Productions of 89-92 years are also quite famous.


Excellent instrument, pricey nine but the quality is there. In secondhand is happiness!

I have this one for several years and never think to sell it.
Other basses allow me to complete the sonic palette when I really need a different type of sound because here we are clearly on the musicman.

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