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Peavey Electric Basses

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User reviews on Electric Basses Peavey products

Weapon of mass destruction (T-40)

By eminent2000, 16/07/2014
Everything has been written in previous reviews. Mine has a rosewood fingerboard.


See other reviews.

It is indeed quite heavy, you need a good strap. But it is perfectly comfortable to play with.

The neck is thicker and rounder than the one on my Luthman, but you get used to it.


The sound: powerful, brilliant, particularly rich in mids but the lows rock as well, the amp always asks for mercy. Imagine playing a bass equipped with the strings of a grand piano or a Hammond B3 (the real one, not a clone) ─ that's the T-40, more or less. A very full sound, very vibrant, percussive and rich in harmonics. But also very versatile, depending on the settings: With the neck pickup and a bit of EQ you easily get a huge but very muffled sound, like Jah Wobble.

You can watch on Youtube a video showcasing the different sound possibilities this bass provides, and how to use it to imitate a Precision, MusicMan or Rickenbacker. That's all very interesting, but this bass always has a particular sound. That said, I don't intend to sound like Chris Squire playing with a pick, but with the "Rick" setting you come pretty darn close!

I have a somewhat run-down 4*10 cab with a speaker that crackles if you play a bit loud, at least with other basses, but not with the Peavey, even at the same volume. Always that harmonic richness, I think.


I bought it right after a Yes concert where I was blown away by the sound of Chris Squire with his Rickenbacker. It had more mids and harmonics than with his other basses. Reading different forums I discovered this bass, which seems to be the closest to a Rickenbacker and it is highly praised (although there are people who don't like it...).

The word "awesome" is a bit trite these days but there is no other way to define this bass. Big, beautiful, heavy, dense; the output level, the sustain and the sound: It's awesome. Compared to my Luthman Jazzette, it's like driving a Land Rover and a sport coupe.

You can find it easily on Ebay, it's a great American vintage bass at the price of a secondhand Fender MIJ. The cherry on the cake: You won't go unnoticed on stage.

I love my T-40!

well made but a bit heavy (Zephyr)

By Lardy Fatboy, 23/09/2018
I got this second hand at very reasonable price so take that into account in the value for money rating. I got it mainly on the name, I used to play drums in a band years ago and the Bass player played a Peavey T40 which he really rated at the time as a very versatile Bass, good for all types of music, (and good for defending himself! We use to play some rough old gigs but I was impressed by its build particularly after having seen him stop mid number to vigorously dissuade an over enthusiastic stage invader or two, and then slip back into the song without having to re-tune or anything. Enough of the T40 though, this is suppose to be about my C4 Zephyr) Back to now and I saw this and thought it's definitely more of a looker than the T40 and hoped it would be as well made and good a gigging bass. At the time though, (about 3 years ago), more of a learner Bass as I hadn't played for a while and wasn't much good back in the day, (but always hopeful - do you know how may black cats I have accosted on a crossroads at midnight?)

So the bass itself it was made in Vietnam in the 90's and is a 7-piece maple/mahogany through-neck (or 5-piece depending upon how far up the neck you go) with walnut wings and a rosewood fretboard. It has 24 frets in a 35 in scale and two passive, (I believe this is the only Cirrus series Peavey that has passive pickups) Peavey VFL Pickups. There is a volume and tone knob for each pickup a fully adjustable bridge and 14/1 tuners. I say its suitable as a beginner bass and it is for me but like the Bass I am large and heavy; it would not be a good beginner bass for children or small people. I am still not great as a Bass player but it has been played by a number of people I know who are and they all agree it a good workhorse with plenty of Bass tone, it can be a little rattly if not set up properly though. Finally it is built to last; and has, it's at least 20 years old but it doesn't show its age.

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