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User reviews on Electric Double Bass products

Menestrel de malheur's review (Palatino - contrebasse electrique)

By Menestrel de malheur, 19/01/2009
I use it occasionally for 2 years what I love most <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" /> a nice face, his report qualitprix what I like least: pffffff ... I would say the original microphone. I ssay the first prize stagg ago but I've prfr that one.
Sounds good archet.Je al russia is finishing well, at least on mine, it's a beautiful instrument I think, has 1000 miles of bass certainly, but satisfying, the wood has a good smell! Very good report qualitprix. I Specifies that the mine is Entirely original and that's enough for now.
A piece of foam under the tailpiece to exterminate certain subharmonic or I do not know what, we turn the strings that are original to cry and bang bang mofos!
Yes I think I will ever be given that choice as I use that and the budget.

greini's review (Artisan - Electric Double Bass)

By greini, 30/12/2006
I have this electric bass for 1 year ... I found it in a shop that made me a big rduction .... 600 euros instead of 1200 ... with the covers, there has 2 .... I have not hesitated!
The clisse is dmontable and has its own cover, it can be used as a briefcase for partitions, cables, boxes etc ... etc ... the pic goes completely in the body ... finally a return to my bass Laguna!
Very good report quality price, it's an Asian manufacturing.
I dsirais long been a CB electro .... hello rates ... and some sounds, farewell!
With this one, I'm not too much of pos questions:
The original strings were ugly? I had 3 older games Thomastik-Infeld home
The bridge was way? My luthier friend has made me a different, customized gift price.
The prampli this bass? My faith .... trash, I turned into passive CB with FWF purchased occas' on eBay!

And sound ??? h h dornavant I let my old bass home, Artisan sounds good, sound system or amp, direct box ... no problems, it works, it's clear it will never replace acoustic bass in terms of timbre, and the bow I do not think the same ... but connections ease of transport, lack of stress, more feedback at all, more volume. ...dropoff window
I think he still has this merchant ... in other words, for 600 euros bigniou and some tickets for ridiculous mods .... believe me is worth the effort!
I give it 10/10! !dropoff Window !dropoff Window !dropoff Window !dropoff Window