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Ibanez SR2010ASC - Reviews Ibanez SR2010ASC

This is a bass that will make you tilt your head like a dog that so badly wants to say, 'Huh?' The SR2010ASC Ashula Limited Edition by Ibanez takes their popular 4-string fretted SR series and tacks on to additional strings over a fretless section of the fretboard.

Essentially it is like being able to have a fretless and a fretted bass in one bass on one neck. It is tuned E A D G then repeats D and G for the fretless end of the fretboard.

I did not buy this bass but I spent a decent amount of time demoing it for people in a local shop. The bass can be had for right around $1000

Surprisingly the neck is bearable. It is a bit daunting at first, but you will get the hang of it in a few minutes.

A really cool feature is you have two separate volumes for the fretted and fretless pickups. The preamp is the familiar volume, blend and bass and treble boost.

The overall electric tone of Ibanez never really excited me. I have played and owned a few, but never get a tone I'm in love with.

The instruments play and feel great, just hard for me to dial in a sound.

5 piece neck and an Ash body which is reasonably light for Ash. Rosewood fretboard, Chrome hardware and a very cool natural finish.

The most innovative bass I think I have ever seen. If George Jetson were to buy a bass it would be the Ibanez SR2010ASC

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