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User Review

this bass has a soul and is a weapon ... - Reviews Ibanez SR2010ASC

6-string bass freighted with 4 and 2 frettless (EADG + DG but then tuning can be made)
Ash body finish "limed" off white beautiful! The body is more imposing than a SDGR, it is closer to a JB or old Ibanez Musician
Bolt jatoba and bubinga Ashula (5 pieces)
Rosewood fingerboard with markings on both upper strings frettless
Scale 864 mm (34 ") for 21 boxes or fretlines / Radius 400mm
Sonic Arch neck pickup J / J Pickups Arch bridge Sonic Sonic Arch mini & J
Ashula1 preamp volume / balance / bass / treble + volume / tone for the mini Sonic
Easels monorails MR-4 and mechanical Gotoh black chrome (Part frétée) and chrome (Part frettless) CLASS in detail, I love
Low very good for the midrange It's made in Indonesia but the whole is very good and equivalent to IBANEZ made in Japan


The grip is pretty easy (16.5 mm spacing of the strings at the bridge) as any bass IBANEZ, the neck is thin (19.5 and 21.5 at nut to 12th fret) and pleasant but it is a 6 strings therefore quite wide (53 mm at the nut and 85 mm at the last fret). Access to acute is quite difficult to finally frétée part.
The bass is well balanced and not too heavy for a six string, about 4.7 Kgs
Enjoyable to play overall, but I put 7/10 because of the accessibility of low acute


So the sound is exceptional and I weigh my words .....
I keep telling anyone who will listen that these pickups SONIC ARCH (also equip the Grooveline series) are very good.
Add to that a good body ash larger than usual SR handle hardwoods with good rosewood (ebony good c better but this is good rosewood so it sings well frettless). Also a good cohesion of the hardware (I changed the nut is plastoc initially)
What is very interesting is that the part frétée offers huge and varied possibilities with two microphones so that really contrasted with frettless. It has an independent volume and can therefore be completely cut off. The tone is frettless éfficace and can color the sound waouhhh


I bought this bass on a favorite. It was hanging in a shop in my area and I finally decided to try it and I went with ....
The concept is great and the bass can be a formidable weapon on stage (in the studio it will be better to make two obviously taken, whatever ....)
In addition, it is because they are small industrial series but this bass is very well finished and very good for a mid-range.
And above all I give a + + + + + IBANEZ to attempt such things as industrial