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User Review

Mnu's review - Shine SBA-526 TBK

Value For Money : Excellent
6 string Fretless bass made in Korea by what this new brand Shine. (They made up more MODELS Submitted by Epiphone, and they DCID CRER of this brand ...)

2 Alnico-V pickups MMB, active ...

2-way EQ, volume, balance microphones

Channel Rabl.

I put a 7 because I do not know quite what to compare it ... In any case, even if it's not high end, the finish is more than correct ...


I love the smoothness of the handle, trs enjoyable play ... Despite the 6 strings, there is relatively little pais, which has the advantage of avoid-looking "bread board" of six strings, but once the strings closer to each other. Access in AIGS is correct, the ergonomics are good.

I like the sound for a bass this price range, and I am satisfied with the trs Manir it sounds with my Hartke ... A BMOL however: Where are AIGS pousss, the sound becomes dull ... especially with the bridge pickup pushed back ...


As I said above, the sound is well rounded as it should. If the grave is not too ugly. We feel that we played on a fretless ....

So I would say: its ok for a low rev of the CATEGORY.


I use it for 3 months now and I do not really regret this investment. A 6-string fretless for less than 700 euros, it is rare! In addition, even if not worth a good Jazzbass fretless, it offers all of the same MODEL excellent value qualitprix.

I hsit between the MODEL and a Cort fretless 5c, and even if I like the Cort, I do not regret ...