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User Review

Mischka's review - DeArmond Starfire Bass

In what country does she makes?
Lower half body red cherry factory in Korea between late 90 and beginners, 2000, shall adopt production unfortunately since.

How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration?
Freights, I know, I did not count ... 21, 22? The handle is a short scale 30 "1 / 2 or 3 / 4.
All basses and guitars of that period are teams of U.S. DeArmond pickups single coil turbo jet, which as the name suggests are simple ... costing the sound and saw the size of cattle, I jur it was double bobinnages ...

What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?
Easel Guild (U.S.? Possible) with 4 adjustable bridges electric junk, good stuff.

What rglages (volume, tonality slecteur microphone ...)?
Routing Gibson, 4 knobs (2 tones, 2 volumes) + a toggle switch for mic and the three basic positions: micro serious, and both treble.

What kind of stick?
As I've dj specific on short scale, which is very cool, especially considering the size of the box! The neck is fantastic (well for me): not too broad and rather flat, guitarists / bassists Sunday will be perfectly comfortable.


The handle is it pleasant?
Vui! I would add that the finish of race (but the guitar as well) is really clean, no default or burrs, or freight that debonding, no shit binding. I do not know what stuff is made in the key, apparently of rosewood.

CASC to acute (latest freight) is it easy?
You m'tonnes!

Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
The bass is very good balance, which is a good starting point.
Accustomed to the semi-hollow guitar, the size of the DeArmond did not drang.
I do not know exactly how much she PSE but the presence of a central beam in the body of the guitar does not make it specially heavy.

Do you get a good sound easy?
Recess is a matter of taste ... in any case, no need to take the head with the knobs rglages: donf all direct and it works!
Unplugged the instrument is very alive and sounds very good. Much less powerful than an acoustic bass biensur but it presents the advantage of playing without an amp without drang around him or rotting leaves with a headphone and a calculator ...
Branch was killed ... but I'm not sure that this instrument, all the same very typ sounds good on any amp and suits everyone.


Appropriate are your musical style?
Absolutely! I do soul music with a (small) ct rock'n'roll, so it's an instrument very intressant: typ sound very low 60's, reinforced by cords nets dishes I climbed up the opportunity, very round with plenty of harmonic wealth. It is not very far from the Hofner Viola bass may be more PCHE.

With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I played a recording head on a Hi Watt Custom 100 mounted on a 4x12 low volume (4 / 10) to keep the bottom while having a lot of dynamics. Recess is a configuration more Exclusively for guitarists, but that fits perfectly to our music and this bass! That's really what I like, very warm sound, medium rather high, but very much roundness net. And rock ... serious!
I mainly used the mic a bit serious and intermediate-position and this position allows asscher some serious microphone while maintaining a beautiful roudeur.
For cons, I did not exploit the micro acute sounding dry tros got my set which must be intressant work (notemment effects, or agreement on the treble strings or both .. . to make noise, must be a mortal ...).
Obviously this bass lends itself very well mdiator game, the crack is really very classy ... but is super efficient and dynamic in the playing finger.
I use no effects, but I already heard his owner (alas this instrument is not mine!) Use it with a fuzz (I think a big muff) and works very very well, very garage!

What are the sounds you prfrez?
I think I'm far from having achieved nirvana with this config DeArmond + Hi Watt (!!!!), at least for the studio ...
In Manir gnral, I like his particular typ ... How old trick! I love the sound of Macca on Violabass that of Entwisle (The Who) IN GENERAL, James Jamerson recess ... the sound and playing Herbie Flowers on the album Melody Nelson Gainsbourg upsets me every time ... Round up of medium rather generous but still very dynamic ... APRS is also about playing style ...

hates you?
The klang klang mdiator dgueu of the bassist of metal, the fretless ... and slap more than anything ... everything RESULTING of dmonstrations Stril technical and unnecessary for the music ... Finally one I love ...


For how long have you been using it?
I borrowed another musician to record the album in my group, I wanted to have another option that my precision and has the DeArmond has perfect t ... I use it for the 7 tracks on the 12 ... It is hyperfacile play! With my old habits guitarite (repressed became bassist I immediately felt on familiar ground (and won): short-scale, flat handle, routing "gibsonnien" ergonomics near an ES-335 ...

What is the specific feature you like best, the least?
The more ... almost everything ... not to mention its aesthetic from falling earth and unusual enough to seduce me.

The least ... not much ... I like the "beefy" I think some dtails are a little cheap and not the height of Luthra and microphones: toggle cheapouille, knobs effective end of the race: Mechanical oil bath hyperfiable not, in plastoc nut ... Finally, I quibble compared to the pleasure I had playing this guitar, but these few should be my taste Facilities replaced to optimize the quality of the instrument and its effectiveness in the long term then as always, it is also what justifies the difference in price between version amricaine and its Asian cousin.

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
This is my first real exprience on a low half cash, I just tried an old bass Elite (an Italian factory by Cruccianeli 60's) to micro really weaklings, a Epiphone Jack Cassidy rp tribution that was too messy and I got a Rickenbacker 4005 that deserves a good review too ...

How do you report qualitprix?
Under this category of instrument, it is certainly the best we can find
Violin Corenne very heals with Micro U.S., I do not know of another brand that offers the mix ... and what is the rarity and bass guitars DeArmond PERIOD rcent of this on the market.

With exprience, you do again this election?
Recess I would do the following choice: pay me the nerve to ask his owner (whom I knew only by friends musicians interposs) me prter instrument for recording our first album!
J'espre will not regret for having so kindly accepted to let me when our album comes out.
A huge thank you Jrmy you!

Redraw in March 2010:
This bass was so pleased that I seek ... and finally I found a real Guild Starfire 1968 ... the small Corenne takes the shock of the comparison ... but the real recess is deadly!