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User Review

drikeuss's review - Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat

Mine is the series Coren
but beware: those who are in the trade today are manufactured in China, then see if the quality of the instrument is the same (this is doubtful).

The characteristics for Gnrales General, see below NyBattery's opinion: it is the same.

I: Mechanical find a little weak, the bass is very fast dsaccorde.


It is a short-scale, so a fretboard, is love. I like it.

It is trslgre, but then really. Perfect for young ladies and scolioss.

Readily obtained a beautiful sound, but ... one (roughly): the good old roots of its half body, very round, with very little midrange. Mtalleux and slappeurs, go your way ..


I use it only for my old school reggae repertoire. I mean really old school. For a, it's perfect. Ds i need a bigger sound, it lacks a bit of potato, and I Godin prefers my F4 (see review).

I play on a tantt marshall 60 watt tantt on an Ampeg 115.


I've had a year and a half.

What I prefer is its maneuverability his lightness of hand. And this very beautiful sound of roots-roots-in-one hard to get (if any) on bass more modern.

I was looking for a short-scale correctly (I think I've found), there is not as a mid-range (going directly from the Bronco to 100 euros Gibson and low luthier), so its kind, it dfend not bad at all, beautiful.

Yes, I would do this choice because I do not see him as a replaceable type. (Mais. .. I mfierais of Chinese that we sell today).