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Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat - Reviews Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat

Daddy's Junky Music Emporium, Albany NY,
$380 with OEM hardcase, used but like new.

I had heard of these because "semi-hollow"
and "bass" are my favorite web search key
words, but no one around here stocked it
for a hands-on. So when Daddy's showed a
used one online, I had it transfered to
the local branch.

It's semi-hollow and it's short scale, a
combination I've found to be interesting.
I have two fully hollow 30" basses but I
tend to think of them as having these big
warnings: "Fragile! Handle with Care" in
neon blinking on their foreheads.

I like that it has two humbuckers and one
of them is right against the end of the
neck for bad-ass deep-end bass. Also the
other PU is rather close to it, closer to
the neck than a typical P-bass PU, but it
still adds some of the "bridge PU tone"
to the thunder of the neck PU. The tone
on this ax is deep and majestic, but the
E-string is not overpowering, string-to-
string balance is decent.

There's no battery to worry about.

I like the 2x2 headstock, so that this
bass fits in a guit*r gigbag, and I like
that the whole package is fairly light.

I'm not fond of the typical Epiphone