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Epiphone Thunderbird-IV

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I love it

By 2o2rnr2y2d, 27/10/2011
round of 42 passive 2 volume 1 tone, the handle is not through (it seems there is some confusion on this subject) but the body has a thickness of as an extension of the handle.
The original string is the m. .., take the right suite.Elles blackened fingers!!
Oh so you have to change the mounting screws belt clips, too short, they lock. Double the length is perfect.
I put very good especially for the price


The handle is very pleasant and contrary to some opinions, it is not big. It is a round of 42 (58 to 19 °) as a precision or a Ibanez GSR200. Obviously if it's been 2 hours you play jazz bass with a round of 38 (62 to 19 °) and as you move from a blow to the thunderbird, you open the hand for 1 or 2 minutes! Note that it is even thinner than a jazz bass at 19 °.
Well if it's not so much a big lower level coorps but in weight and length (1.23 m). It does not lodge in the houses standard (in fact a specific Thoman cheap).
The traditional home kouroi that it is desiquilibrée when playing standing up if you play it does not matter if just stalling the right forearm on the back of the body or it is necessary to move the fastener side handle ( The new models are corrected). Sitting, it is well balanced.





she has a mouth

By doj24, 11/04/2011
see previous posts


I wanted to get used to the imbalance of the lower, keeping the original location of fasteners straps. Result: yes but you get used to it must make concessions on certain types of game a bit technical (the kind of slid) over 3 boxes ... because the left hand must always bear the extra weight of the handle.
So I suggest to fix the bass behind the plate as already said.
In terms of race is to the log! matter of getting used too, but mostly playing style
if one leaves a bit to 4 plans agreements, side effects were noted at the left wrist (right for lefties).


here come the advantages of this bass.
knobs are left completely and normally on most amps, it was the sound that kills.
the pickups are very responsive and we get for 250 euros a stoner its fatty desire and precise enough.


no I will not go that choice. The sound is interesting, the microphones have been well thought out, fairly faithful to his gibson. cons by far are assembly materials and meet a set minimum diversified.
unless you change the elements (saddle too high: no risk of a frieze on the other hand, light engineering, misplaced fasteners straps, nail not great ...).

This is not a low .....

By rashkha, 23/10/2010
... But a tank !!!!!

The characteristics are all in the first post!


Well, accustomed Plutt a handle end, it's weird to have a log in his hands, especially since I play the bass pretty low, so the grip takes some time adaptation.
Well, as you might expect given the form, the beautiful slumps, especially since the head is quite heavy! But this problem can be quickly resolutely changing the front attachment to place on the handle. However, is it normal that my home front or plastic? (Small edit: the clip is not plastic but a mtal type aluminum dsol ^ ^)
The weight? Hum it's heavy, but we made it fast, especially that due to the beauty of this instrument, we can pass it this?
Accs acute rather difficult to have good form but we do not do the same when jazz ^ ^
At her, you put everything back and spit!!
Of course we can not start up a single microphone, see both without tone is great but not as much as if you put the beast was back !!!!!
It's really worth it!


I play punk / grunge but also of metal, and it sought not perfectly my expectations of "big sound".
In terms of sound, it's heavy, powerful you debonding hair of the head!
With a little distortion and chorus, has swollen even more sound, it's a real rgal


is low I s desire in recent years, both say that I enjoy!
I had tried a store a few months ago, for once I find one, I jump at the chance. I have not resists long when I saw it on Music store, I order by instinct and I do not regret this purchase!
What I like most about this bass? practically everything: the sound, shape, handle!
In terms of form, it hangs on that one hangs or not!
What I like least? My front grip strap is plastic, has me do a little afraid if I move on stage too! Next purchase, a strap lock in metal but to turn to the same place, even if it stings the nose normment, has its charm, and then there is too much risk that the strap dcroche so no worries.
Edit: screw that held the attachment of the strap had his thread fuck it was moving all the time and I almost lost my bass on stage, I changed it and it's ok;)
Of course it is my opinion, will not suit everyone;)

I've had a few days so I can not judge objectively fawn but for now I do not t of either in look assurment rock sound, the same caliber!
On price, 222 on music store, I said that was worth it, better than all the P-Bass, Epiphone EB-3 (even if it is great) and other Ibanez in the same price range and I personally prfrer the T-Bird!
I would do this purchase without hesitating.
However, attention to finishes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

colonelstracker's review

By colonelstracker, 16/01/2010
Made in Korea in 2007.

Gibson 3 point bridge.
The handle is 1.73 "at nut, 20 frets, enough for rock.

Equipped with two humbuckers, 2 volumes, 1 tone.

Passive bass.
The finish on mine its correct, and the shield is impeccable.

Like all Epiphone Thunderbirds, are the weak point: Mechanical. The Aiges require a helping rglage to harden. (A quarter turn of the screw butterfly)


The handle is very well, fairly broad, and very easy. The white paint is very pleasing to the touch.
Weight (approx. 4.2 Kg) is standard, so no problem for this except for chtifs ct, which I recommend doing some sports.

CASC is limited to treble to play box 15. APRs do not think about it. But this bass is made for the big fat pulsating line well.

His question, well we stick and roll ... no decision-head to understand how it works!

So yes, it is a bit dsquilibre, releases them when all it ends up gently by pointing to the ground, but who cares, who plays bass with no hands?? And it's not a scoop ...
For my part, I wear low-middle position and the right arm leaning mostly on the hollow body. No risk of tipping forward. And yet, I use the belt clip to its original location.


Possible sounds are very close to the Gibson original, and really very satisfactory.
Frankly, this bass is pure mass murder in its price range.

It gets mostly a warm, well rounded, with a very clear attack and brilliance in the mids, and very very mahogany Gibson. The effective tonality can refine the balance between the pickups.

Do not look for the bass with lots of sounds, in fact, it has only one sound that can be modulated in the attack, roundness, and treble. But what a sound!


Small price, big sound and look that kills ...

I bought a Blackbird ago that convinced me on his T-birds Epi ... I needed a reliable bass scene, and beautiful sounding, and as I crack on the T-birds, I bought it.

A simple tool that works very well, and must withstand a fairly intensive use, provided that we take care of (maintenance of the key, flight case, gigbag ...). Very good report quality price for a rocker.

With the exprience I'll also buy the T-bird pro V of the same brand.
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