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User Review

Good bass but ... - Reviews Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass [2010-2015]

U.S. manufacturing

21 frets (one less than the last generation of deluxe)

noiseless pickups N3

1 switch active / passive

A low tone, 1 medium, 1 active in acute
A passive tone

The electronics like something, it goes ...
but I'm used to 24 frets (and for me, 22 frets is a minimum) while failing grade for having only 21 frets


The handle is nice, fairly round, but comfortable ... He glides rather well. This is not a formula 1 but not the pickaxe handle either ...

The bass is heavy, and sounds good ... It looks a bit to handle but is better balanced than the old U.S. of deluxe Genena.

Access to acute is a disaster if we do not twist the wrist, it falls on the 19/20ème fret ... The wedge heel, bottom of the handle for easy access to acute is a hoax ... (Therefore, we understand why only 21 frets, the others were a waste)

Fortunately the sound catches up everything ... is connected, even in a garbage can, and it sounds ... it was a good fender, very characteristic in the midrange. A great presence ... The sound is very


mid-range/tweeter, should the amp that goes with it if we want it to hum ...

But it purrs well, the sound is typified rock, funk, fusion ... I still have to torture her to try out the big bass, but presence is phenomenal ...

For what I do, it is perfect in its


... I use it for 1 week, I have not yet made the turn ...

Fender should be careful not to rest on its laurels ... I was very disappointed with the accessibility to acute ...
I also dreamed of removing the plate as a 75 for the beauty of natural wood, but the router is just a gaping hole calamitous ... ... Oh well ...
I find it a bit expensive compared to the reputation of these low and the overall quality ... 200 to 300 euros less and it would be more honest ...