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User Review

moosers's review - Fender Telecaster Bass [1971-1979]

The Fender Telecaster Bass (Vintage) is an American made electric bass, sharing the same name as the ever popular Fender Telecaster guitar. As far as I can tell, the comparisons end there, unless they share similar electronics as well but I don't think they do. It's got a single pick up with a tone and volume knob to control it.


The playability of the Fender Telecaster Bass is extremely high as it's a fun instrument to play with great action and overall feel. The bass feels great in your hands while still maintaining a strong and sturdy action. It's great for playing mid range bass licks as well, both in sound and feel. It's not hard to get a good sound from this bass, if you can play well of course, but if you don't like it's sound for whatever reason, the single pick up will limit you.


I have to say that I'm in love with the sound of the Fender Telecaster Bass. It's a really woody sound that is perfect for tight bass lines. It's awesome for McCartney style bass parts as well as deeper sounds, so to say the least it's very versatile. It sounds great just as a DI but also will sound good through a variety of amps, including even guitar amps as I've used it with a Fender Deluxe Reverb in the studio and it sounded quite good for the sound we were going for. It's more versatile than you would think for a bass with just a single pick up - the tone knob can do a lot.


The Fender Telecaster Bass is a great bass for professional bassists or anyone looking for a versatile, top of the line vintage bass. A lot of people don't know about the Telecaster Bass, but for hardcore bass gear heads, this is very well regarded. I don't know what it would cost you to pick one up, and keep in mind that different basses are always going to vary even if they're the same model. Still, any Tele Bass that you come across is worthy of inspection!