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User Review

It has everything a balance Thunderbird ... more - Reviews Gibson Explorer Bass

Made in the U.S..

• Mahogany body
• Maple set neck with profile Explorer Bass
• Touch wood Preciosa (Amazonian tree) with 12 "radius, 22 frets and acrylic inlay dots
• Scale 34 "
• Nut Width: 1.60 "
• Mechanical online Grover Mini Bass Chrome
• chrome bridge with adjustable saddles
• 2 Thunderbird Bass pickups with ceramic magnet
• 2 volume, 1 tone
• Finish nitro-cellulose Silverburst
• Flight Case included

finishes are of Gibson, that is not good on the details of painting, for example. But the quality of the instrument is really undeniable, with the use of good wood. (Gibson had it been his stock of wood not all instruments out in 2011??)

I had three (I let nothing go to paint finish on the neck level): 3 sounded like.


This bass is a highway: the handle is very thin, and the shape of the low easy access to acute, compared to a Thunderbird for example.
Ergonomics is very good, because of the somewhat extreme form of the instrument. One of the most balanced bass that I have ever had. The big horn on the top contributes to this balance.
We love the shape or not, but in any case, the value is there!
Very easy to sound good, pretty solid is obtained. All mail from the Thunderbird, it is very very close.
To summarize, I would say it sounds like a Thunderbird with a bit more versatility.


it is an extremely versatile bass, if indeed we are trying to use it outside of "everything thoroughly" means any open mic, I would say it sounds exactly like a Thunderbird with a bit more versatility.
but playing on the pickups, you can get a variety of sounds, sometimes close to a PB.
And outside the rock style for which it is cut, it's a great bass to play the Jazz.
At his level, is said to blame. Seamless integration into the mix of any group, its fat enough to Thunderbird.


I use it for about 6 months.
many model before buying it (Thunderbird, Yamaha RBX JM 1 and 2, 4003 Rickenbacker, Music Man Stingray, Fender Jaguar Bass Hot Rod Red, etc. ..)
I class in the best three that I have had. A kind of improved Thunderbird, share balance and sound.
A bass that fits perfectly in a mix without eating frequencies of your favorite guitarist.
The shape is a bit strange, I do not adhere to it completely, but the finish is superb (Silverburst). Available in Sunburst version of truly sublime but extremely rare (400 copies / world)
This model is not available at present.