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The outline of the legend - Reviews Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series

See the specs already given.

Curiosity (on mine only?) Controls the plate work in reverse. All are cut on two microphones, turn the handle makes the easel and started high school in Versailles. All that is annoying, especially when explaining Woodbrass is to say "it is to respect the original connection of the first that McCartney was in the hands (it would take me for a ham?)

Anyway, as soon as possible, I order the Höfner in place with its controls as they are made in Germany. It appears that wins a lot in his term.

6 / 10 because of the controls


Low light weight and small size, handle included. Action a little high for my taste. Access to acute, that of a violin (better than that, it's a stick). on the other hand, given the cutting sides, I find it very uncomfortable sitting at stake. After one hour, one gets the impression of the splint and the two points on the thigh.

So Thurs standing, and all the better because it weighs nothing at the shoulders.

8 / 10


I received shipped with round wound strings. A disaster! Sound to vomit. The betrayal of the legend of this unique sound. I almost send it back, the salesman convinced me to Woodbrass to wait for a change of course before I spun a final decision.

Having ordered the special strings Violin (tiny hole of very small mechanical), I actually saw my trial.

That said, either you have to play the amp McCartney to find his sound, it must be cheating with current effects. It is clear that combining this low and a compressor Rocktron changed its sound reproduction at all in all.

At the same time, my Rumble 60 amp is not necessarily ideal, I believe.

Question choice of micro, I am using the neck pickup ever. I find it serves all of this sounds low, both the single or combined with its counterpart of the handle.

7 / 10


It is a low-demanding in terms of amplification, one must know. She failed to deliver me from gross décoffrée flycase the sound I expected ... just felt like myself have made at the time.

Now that I've worked my device settings around this low, if it is really endearing (even if it wins), and it is a (small and light) sample of legend that stands between his hands.

I give a lot, next to it, to try the 1963 version, but mine I like it!

8 / 10