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User Review

El Roublardito's review - Ibanez AGB140

J have no idea really technical so I prefer not to talk ^ ^


The original sound is good and some that we search a little on the head of his amp you can really do wonders (chorus peavey special dimension).
the handle is the most enjoyable played all the bass that have been given m there to play little or
Some find it heavy and unbalanced mias is the position I play standing very pleasant.


Perfect to my taste the depth of a warm round but depending on how aggressive playing acoustic reggae to be as good as heavy metal (for any intermediate ideas ^ ^)


. I had first bought when I was part of a group of reggae / jazz / variety whose guitarist was playing on a élctroclassique. half body seemed a good choice to go with and that was the case: her hot round without a hitch tt gently glide the handle while the strings are all alone for a good distance from the office handle my case. the group that split j have joined another group this time schmoo-core (say, a mix of machine head megadeth gojira Otep and many others for more info soon ac the demo site to dl ^ ^). j had a little afraid of getting fired because of the sound of my bass, but this stupefaction! If granted to open the beast shakes the walls like never before. Depth was foolproof, it seems that a wall ahead. and if only one s'énéerve a bit on the ropes, a little slap in the Fieldy quite friendly emerged. regarding the slap I do not practice no idea. The only downside in my case, if you do a very good strap miss the risk of getting the wrong (and believe me c funny scene to see)
Thomann for 400 euros I look into your box without hesitation.