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User Review

ATK 200: a very good value for money - Reviews Ibanez ATK200

Value For Money : Excellent
Skyscrapers made in Japan. 1 micro / 3 positions for 3 sounds radically different.


side use, ATK 200 is really well designed: not too heavy and very well balanced. Access to the latest cases is done properly and the rounded handle makes the game very easy. At the sound, it is precise, modern, skyscraper is sending in the bass.


The bass is versatile, but I find it especially excellent in the range register. The active electronics allow precise adjustments and natural compression is remarkable, much better than a Fender Delux series for example. Slap the deep well pumps ballads, she can do anything provided you do not expect too much at the grain (this is not what JB).


I use it regularly for 4 years. It complements the Fender precision bass and jazz which I use for a more rock repertoire. Variety, it goes very well without putting 3000 euros in a tube amp. I use a Hartke 120 watt Kickbass that is easily transported.
In short, it is a good 2nd skyscraper to roam in balloche or ox with his friends, where we do not necessarily want to leave the gear is used in other concerts.