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User Review

Rock Powahhhhhh! - Reviews Ibanez BL-700

So for specs: see the reviews below! Basically it is a precision bass (21 frets, micro simplebobinage split ...) made in japan, made by Ibanez. Mine of June 1981 to be precise.
Manufacturing in the great tradition of the jap time: superb violin, wood quality, flawless finish! The bridge is already inspiring confidence is very massive (nothing to do withthe end plate in 7ender!). Implying sustain (coupled with ash body) amazing. If you play a note to empty it lasts very, very long time (harmonics sound tremendously!)

For settings: a volume / tone. We are in the classic p bass: simple but effective. The strong point! plug and play! Branches and you YAH!
You can not pass 3:00 18 knobs to adjust to hair pulling to find THE sound. There's probably people who love having lots of knobs and switches on their low ...
Personal: I like simple things, the rest by the fingers and amp settings (all modern amps today have at least a basic equalization). I think it's great "complicated" to set sound on an amp and then hone in on bass. I prefer to focus on "my" game (technique, ...) rather than wasting time over there ...


So already the first point that is often raised on old low of 70's / 80's: weight. When I unpacked I was really surprised by the lightness! I expected to take over a tank! And in fact it is rather a van! Audit done on my bathroom scale: 4.2 kgs. Surprising for what is known as a low "heavy". Of course there's more light, but honestly there's also heavier! The interface is perfect: the bass does not address the nose when standing cheek. Only downside: there is no chamfer at the rear of the body, such as the Fender so it sticks less naturellementau body, but it is not really obvious to use "classic" low Rock!

The shape is also very "classic" for the body, the shape of the head is special (sort of "wave" at the bottom, the top being similar to 7ender). The first time I thought it looked like a rhinoceros horn ... We like it or not.

I personally love it! It reinforces the "go inside" of the machine. Second advantage: it makes it identifiable and unmistakable (at least for bassists!)

As when reading a classic literature, here we are right at home: the standard precision bass! Just having had a p bass hands to imagine the feeling ... the overall look: stripped, massive, solid feel to any event! Brief low "man" within the meaning of the term gross course!

Let's talk about race: To know that I am quite a fan of sleeves for jazz-type bass. Well there I was on the c **! Amazingly easy both in terms of finish (varnish, planning, etc ...) that the game It is however 41 mm at the nut, and having small hands, I enjoy playing it!
And yet God knows I like to be comfortable when I play. Well there nothing to say perfect shape ("D" it seems, a more flattened handle precision or jazz recent). It glides well, is easy. I was a little afraid of getting tired over there but it looks really great! To confirm some time ... As against this, the side still feels "raw" of the game imposed by this handle freight standard size but not as thin frets on the "vintage" of many manufacturers. I find this choice to bring a game punchy and powerful.

Access to treble: Like all p bass world. But to be honest those looking for a low to the melody, it's not the perfect tool! There's bass bcp more comfortable in the theatrics. This bass is cut for Rock / funk / blues / Dub ... Short powerful stuff, heavy ...

By choosing this model I wanted to find the feeling of my old Telecaster bass 7ender 78 who sent the block: massive powerful, aggressive, heavy ..

I think it's done!

PS: given the simplicity if you do not "sound", it's just that you have not connected jack or you do not turn the volume knob!


In there we enter the heart knew about!
Sound: basically a precision bass with an addition of testosterone! I think this is one of the best precision bass sounds I heard. We find the old grain P bass but with renewed punch. It is difficult to describe with words. But the effect kick in the c ** is feeling well when you push the volume ...

Types of sounds: the heavy type "dub" (tone closed) at the medium best rock bass lines to pick with the tone fully open. What is surprising is that even tona closed, the sound is heavy but "defined". You can swing a big riff heavy and make a well in the treble down, it is very defined. It's pretty rare even on very good precision bass! Note that the microphone can fine tune with studs whose height can be adjusted with an allen key. But just excellent base already!

I tested it on two configs: head / cabinet (450 w) and small combo work home. In both it is just great!
Say in the register Rock / blues / reggae / funk it's just the sound decanted.

After playing melodic jazz fusion not sure it do it!
In my book this is ideal! Powerful, set, heavy ... Anyway not really much I hate it! Maybe it lacks a microphone jazz bass at the bridge?? Actually no!


I've had very little time ... But I find it just amazing! a big lightning! Very affordable occaz although rare, this bass is truly a marvel in its register ... It can compete with much more low premium even among the "big" girls Mr Leo. The ratio Q / P: It might really be 4 or 5 times more expensive than it would not be shocking in terms of the quality of the violin and the sound that comes out of this very low "rough around the edges" look! It is far from beautiful inlaid guns offered a bass luthier, but good god ... It sounded your riffs rock that is confusing!
Difficult to find occaz: this is explained by the fact that the owner think twice before they part with! And I understand ...
With experience: no comment!

Pros: - THE SOUND!
- The look: sober and bare!
- The weight (and yes there are much heavier in weight as low!)
- The output level very important
- Handle: truly one of the best handle P bass!
- The next "collector" of the machine and the fact that not all cross at corners or studio scenes ...
- Color: natural! yum!

Cons: - not really for soloists ... Do not care j'fais of ROCK!

In summary: if you come across one in Cygnus at a price "correct" and you like rock music and good punchy ... Anyway you see!