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User Review

Ninspade's review - Ibanez BL-700

Value For Money : Excellent
Channel 21 boxes, micro PB, volume, tone, chrome hardware buttons but golden knobs. Dark wood finish (it is said that?)
I turned the bridge early on that I liked using the benefit of a Schaller.
I only played this bass for 10 years before buying another. I kept it as a backup. There are 2 / 3 years I changed to a microphone Bassline SPB2. I play it regularly since. Good violin for the price (1500 F 1981).


Precision is an imitation with a handle easily, I learned to play it. I am not impartial but the settings are simple, it is fun to play standing and sitting. What more? I play heavy rock often. I mounted the ropes 50-110. It does not move. The sound is not original but it is not what is asked.


It is entirely appropriate that I do. Rock, sending fisheries, pumps, riffs.
I played with small amps, a Pentatonic, an Acoustic, a Trace Elliot and Ampeg now. It still sounds good but I let go during my Trace: slap more shine, plus ...
Well this is not real accurate, but it does seem good.


I played with for 26 years with periods of light falling out of love, but it was never far from me. I like its simplicity, timeless loook its sleeve ... When I bought it I did play that 4 or 5 notes in a row, with a pick ... I had not tried others but I am came across a good salesman who gave me the phone jack and a big pick (O tempora, O mores). I gave him confidence immediately :-)
Excellent value for money of course, thousands of hours of play, a hundred concerts, always there at his post!
With the experience I would do the same choice, I would go to a store where you take the time to listen, to advise me and explain.