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User Review

The versatility made low - Reviews Ibanez BTB470

- Made in Indonesia, with reference technician who made the revision before leaving the factory.
- 4 single-string bridges
- Channel driver
- 24 frets, 2 soapbar Bartoloni MK2
- Bartolini 3-band EQ, Volume and Blend neck pickup / bridge

Apart from some special features to use tree (too) specific, what more?


- Channel Highway, fine and fast, which gives me a big hand cramps after 4 hours of play

- Ergonomics incredible for its size, a little heavy in the long run, but nothing terrible with a very wide strap.

- Access to acute easier than the old generation BTB, either on the E string (OSEF) or soil (yum yum!)

- The sound is quite cold in flat, slamming see if your amp is very warm either. But a good EQ and sews a good blend of adjustment will approach this BTB anything that is better (apart from bass legend), and one instrument, please!


To the Metal (and all its sub-genres), it's good. Cash in D tuning without changing the size of rope.

I granted in Drop-A (LA-LA-RE-MI), with strings Dunlop Nickel 130-105-85-65, and is a treat.

I made my classes with an Ashdown MAG300 EVO II low loading medium, and stained with an Ibanez PD-7 has the chance. Something for novices and more experienced players, all styles together (I play the polka and variety 80 without any trouble).

it has a Traynor YBA-200 II behind for 2 days is a treat!

That versatility made low.


I still use it from time to time in a side project. It has nothing to envy my BTB 705DX EMG equipped assets.

I tried several other LTD BC Rich before going back on her favorite by the time of its release and technical specs.

The pros: the handle, the versatility of the beast, Bartolini pickups and electronics.
The -: maybe weight ... and again.

Unbeatable value for money, especially for the versatility offered.

A choice to make eyes closed!