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Ibanez EDA900

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Ibanez EDA900 Ergodyne

By MGR/Chris Bond, 17 , 27/09/2007
Hi, I play the Bass, ive been playing roughly for about 4 years but i am only 17 so its not as long as most, im an a band that is quite successful in my hometown of Lowestoft (UK), we do local gigs around that area and are currently looking for bigger venues to play, im mainly influenced by Metal bands (Ozzy, Black label society, Metallica, Rush etc)

i brought my Ibanez from a shop in Norwich (UK) for £240 (used), the shop was called Sound Control (My favourite local guitar shop)

The thing that made me look at this Ibanez was the awesome body shape i think its a very creative shape i love it, i personnaly dont think that i can fault this product in anyway,

nothing to me this is the nicest sounding bass ive ever layed my 22cm hands on

The sound of the Ibanez is amazing i ue it with a ZOOM 206 bass effects pedal were i add a little distortion and occasionally a bit of slap just for that Kick up the ass. There is a problem though with the acoustics fair enough people usually play through some kick ass Bass amp but when its not through an amp the sound lacks a bit?

personnaly every decent bass player should have purchased one of these bass guitars, i think they are an amazing display of the quality that Ibanez can produce so go out and BUY ONE!!

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Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang's review

By Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang, 23/04/2007
This bass was offered to my father by my predecessor to 790 euros I think, 3 years ago, it would have almost never been used. Reasonable price for a low "pro".

Well, it's an interim opinion.


There's not a tripadicerter, it is designed to be ergonomic, very good balance, great sitting or standing. A pre-amp that responds well. Active Electronics.


The strings are probably too old (3 years):

The sound for the time I was not too convinced.
The slap made fart noises.

Provisional opinion surely I will change completely the view when it has been readjusted and I changed the strings.

Reissue recent, still not set, trying a lot of bass, I realized the sound quality of this low, very round, very very jazzy. Waww. Infact missing that I do adjust, and I change the strings and I pensse that this low will be a marvel.


Soon I will give you an opinion. For now the noise level I remain perplexed. I do not know or may not feel good métériel.
Change of rope, and rereglage! ! and turning knob!
Infact this bass is great because of its versatility makes it a lot of things, and she does it well! same fabulous! Jazz fusion as round, Juska line type hard rock bass Ronnie James Dio (ultra other metals present in the right direction!) Should have all this low, a condition turning a little knob and Feel his amp! I'm really on the ass!

anyway: I find this low perssonellement visually awful! Despite many people's conplimente, perssonellement I prefer a good old Jazz bass with Ash veneer sober! that's all! I put a very nice nine because I am still shocked by the price of musical instruments in general ...

metrass's review

By metrass, 28/10/2006
Made in USA


The handle is quite enjoyable for its price range
ACCESS is acute but it is facillement ass gn lgrement by the handle
the bass is not in itself trs heavy and I find the body too small.
the sound is IDAL for mtal!


The sounds well suited trs mtal
I tested has a grenoble michel music audio 450w green
we get a fat trs are no ffect.


Since 2 weeks
the sound is superb fat
I is not aquérir I test
I am nice I will say that the price, given the level of the quality of sound and the bass is: not enough levje pleind than I do)

carimbabar's review

By carimbabar, 27/10/2006
This bass is made in Japan, I possde in MODEL fretless because I needed a versatile MODEL for a recording of jazz, song and music runinnaise. I bought it because it is the physical copy of Afr MODELS, malheureusment missing! The handle is trs end, I 'm not a fan, the ACCS is perfect thanks to the acute placement sound of the horn infrieure but I find it too thin, which for some is a quality. mics, or rather the microphone is a humbucker that the advantage of not snoring dlivre and powerful sound warm, fairly close to a fender tonnament, which should not, however, not be its stated goal! The piezo is a formidable efficiency and provides clarity and a sense of "sound" rather nice, usually without the sour cot finding.
The controls are, we can not simple: volume, Tone, piezo volume, piezo Tone. Paf!
The bridge is a monorail bridges indpendants of dots, whose goal is to avoid the rsonnances nice (not nice) strings that vibrate without being played.
I particulirement body shape, both sensual and original, but not futriste "kitsch", but this is subjective.


The handle end is trs, too tell others (me) but for a lot of bass players, it facilitates the dplacement left hand (wait ... yes the left) the varnish on the back of it i was enjoyable. CSTA is perfect thanks to the sharp design of the body of the bass (Ralf Spuller, initially for model AFR, which was radapt by Ibanez (which is also d a little green this subject Mr Spuller!)). The balance is good, but I thought the luthite would lose more than a weight was low, that said, we are still far from a Lespaul!
Systm The piezo pickup is very practical and we do not galre 107 years looking for her. Balanced and powerful, no risk of getting lost in the buttons! Serious trs are deep but not uncontrollable and treble not aggressive. There is no control of mdiums s, but it trs going well, she is equipped with what to this point, not soft or acids!


I had the opportunity to test full of instruments more or less prestigious, in various circumstances (studio, scne, tl) and Obviously depending on the use of instruments is always looking to be versatile, or, for wealthier, more low rev types and Different. This Ibanez russi be the bet of both look and to bring a range of from his "good sp "in trs consensel, no prob to address so antipodal styles. Jazz song, through the grind or industrial, hip hop and reggae, it works!


I have bought before boarding the plane the day before a growth of the studio Runion (DSOL, and I had time to test peinele!
Dja change temprature do him any possible problem, this is probably due to the luthite (but for the handle?). Then I pat the comfort t (8 stud daily mmmfffff!) and finally the sound!
Almost no rglages make a sound straight!
on the other hand, thundering thing, there was a meter off a 250 hz, but absolutely not a problem! The right reminds an old Jazz Bass, or precision with new ropes, which is pretty class. Then the piezo, especially for fretless, really gives a color top and "contrebassisante" is still between more in the sound of a song for example, and a bit punchy, it becomes clearer!
I had it sold there 3 years and I have to redeem my friend, because it sounds and I love her "look"!
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Ibanez EDA900 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Ibanez
  • Model:EDA900
  • Series:Ergodyne
  • Category:4-string bass guitars
  • Added in our database on: 06/23/2006

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