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Ibanez EDA900 Ergodyne - Reviews Ibanez EDA900

Hi, I play the Bass, ive been playing roughly for about 4 years but i am only 17 so its not as long as most, im an a band that is quite successful in my hometown of Lowestoft (UK), we do local gigs around that area and are currently looking for bigger venues to play, im mainly influenced by Metal bands (Ozzy, Black label society, Metallica, Rush etc)

i brought my Ibanez from a shop in Norwich (UK) for £240 (used), the shop was called Sound Control (My favourite local guitar shop)

The thing that made me look at this Ibanez was the awesome body shape i think its a very creative shape i love it, i personnaly dont think that i can fault this product in anyway,

nothing to me this is the nicest sounding bass ive ever layed my 22cm hands on

The sound of the Ibanez is amazing i ue it with a ZOOM 206 bass effects pedal were i add a little distortion and occasionally a bit of slap just for that Kick up the ass. There is a problem though with the acoustics fair enough people usually play through some kick ass Bass amp but when its not through an amp the sound lacks a bit?

personnaly every decent bass player should have purchased one of these bass guitars, i think they are an amazing display of the quality that Ibanez can produce so go out and BUY ONE!!

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