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User Review

Joe-Rhys's review - Ibanez EDC700

the ibanez Ergodyne EDC 700 GSV (silver gray) is made of a low luthite; a so-called epoxy resin which has similar qualities to wood in terms of resonance and who would, of course, better stability in time .. . remains now to test it which has almost 10 years ..
good, the body is luthite, the one piece maple neck 24 fret rosewood fingerboard with dots perloïd benchmarks, Accu-Cast B20 bridge, 2 soapbar pickups SFR, 4 control buttons including 2 double or stepped (master volume, balance, bass / treble, midrange frequency / midrange), black hardware.
very interesting point: the body is really working so there is a groove aui from the dorsal horn and the body follows the tie-up belt in order to quietly put his thumb and another that is the same as Yamaha TRB of the '90s which to make the strings slap between the end of the 24th after key box and the neck pickup.


the handle, my son is super nice!
anyway, this bass has probably been developed in a research aircraft for maximum effectiveness, ease of playing and resonance.
Ergonomics is a bit special, but we made it fast ...
when we play and we put his right hand on the microphone or the groove, it is clear that it has been studied; the game right hand is not tiring at all and seems "natural", effortless c ' well when you have to toy with a lot of music like funk rhythmic flow or metal.
access to acute is exemplary, we can not do better ...
we get there really almost any sound you want, I say "almost" because, on this bass, the strings were really "rinsed", in a word, good to change!
therefore, difficult to get an objective opinion 100%, but still, it is capable of anything!


this bass is really suprenante!
bossa to jazz walking, through the slap or the rest, it is never taken into defects!
and thanks to its powerful electronics, it can really venture into all kinds of music!
I was plugged into a line6 15w and although it is very little in terms of power, already means that low expression!
yes, because the phrase, she has it in spades!
are made in the treble solos, sounds here!
the slap; answers here!
walking-jazz accompanies it wes montgomery!


I tried it one afternoon and I was hooked, and I had already bought in the past, but I was beginning to enjoy it too ...
Now, I know where I stand!
what I loved the resonance of the instrument, electronics very effective, the body worked to put his hands effortlessly, obviously play without forcing, the versatility of styles possible, the gray metal, the lightness and design.
I did not like, it is not available in 6 strings!
the price / quality ratio is unbeatable in a secondhand store; € 285!
honestly, it's a bass that outperforms some other wood, and I wonder how it behaves in a group ...
but for now, she gives lessons on instruments from 3 to 10 times more expensive!
let it be said!