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User Review

winzupa's review - Ibanez GAXB150

Made in China
Short sleeve (short scale) 20 frets, just over 5cm That a telecaster.
One relatively close to the microphone stand.
Ibanez bridge Made in U.S..
A knob for sound and a selector 3 position high / low / medium.


The neck is quite pleasant, not too thick, access to the treble is fairly complex shape of the bass does not properly use 2 or 3 last fret!

The body of the bass is less heavy than the handle, with a smooth strap handle is pointing towards the ground! Therefore very difficult to obtain good fluidity when to play with his right hand and hold the bass!

The simplicity of the settings is maddening, 3 positions possible acute (my choice), low (as low unbearable) and medium (very good for old rock).


I play this bass with virtually every style, where I tried: p!

I have a Behringer Ultrabass BX600 amp, and I use that position to give acute sounds about right!
I try on different amps notement Hartke, Fender .. we see it as soon as the bass slows .. lol!
It is quite enjoyable to play simple songs, that the slap is borderline impossible. Cons by a metal style, you will not be disappointed with the sound it provides is of very heavy!

As explained above the acute position is a good compromise, providing a sound enough fat on the bass, treble, but still quite "dirty" for my taste.


I use this bass for a year and a half now, I started thanks to her.
In fact I think for beginners, it is very very good, the settings are in just a few minutes, and playing simple lines take you immediately to taste this magnificent instrument.

I lack experience in this low compared to others and can say if it is this which is absolutely necessary to get started.

I bought this bass used, and I do not regret at all for the price it's a very good entry level bass!

It must still admit that it feels very fast "constrained" by the quality of play it offers, if one wants to play music a little more groovy this low net stop this beautiful dream.

With experience I will ever be the choice because it is the bass that give me the urge to play!