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User Review

Very good bass for beginners - Reviews Ibanez GSR180

Audience: Beginners
4 strings, agathis body, maple neck (GSR4), rosewood fretboard, 22 medium frets
2 PSNDJ Ibanez pickups, 2 Volume, Tone, passive
Bridge: B10 (19 mm between strings, ideal for learning)
GSR Series


Handle very nice, fine, very easy to play. Quality sleeves Ibanez is no longer in doubt.
The strings can be set loan handle without any problems.
Mine was already well set to buy (do not hesitate to ask for an adjustment when you buy a coffee in store).
This bass is very light, nice shape, typical Ibanez.
Micro well placed to handle the slap also very convenient to put your thumb.
Really good bass to start, even if it is a low end, it's still an Ibanez!


2 passive pickups, no problem with the battery! The settings are on the amp.
Lower happening everywhere, not at all typical. We can all play on, but it excels in any style. It will move to the next level to get better.
It is a low power to learn and then choose a more upscale model. This bass will be a great second bass!


Increased very quickly in my hands, this bass is very well suited for beginners who can get their hands on the cheap!
This bass is very easy to play in all styles, fingers, slap, mediator, is its strong point. It will encourage beginners to advance.